1964 School Photo

Furtherwick Park School Photo

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The attached photo was taken in 1964. I am in the photo, are you?

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  • Hello Colin,
    Yes I am in the photo, back row 6th from left & I think that you are 8th from left. Some of those in the photo are still on the Island & I now & again see them. I can only remember 1 of the girls, middle row 9th from left I think is Yvonne Gillman. The teachers name was Mr Sercombe. Those were the days. I have often wondered what happened too you, now i know. Thanks for the photo.

    Mick Champion via Canvey.org Forum

    By Mick Champion (via Canvey.org Forum / DBullock) (14/01/2009)
  • Hi Colin

    I used to live on the island in Linden Way until 1963 when I moved up to London before I emigrated to Australia where I still live. My sister is coming over from the Uk to visit me which prompted me to go on a nostalgia trip and look up Canvey Island. On my search your name came up and I thought I’d see what it was about because my good friend Michael Taylor lived in Rose Road opposite where Colin , Rodger and Linda lived. So after 40 years I’m punting that you may be the Colin I’m guessing you are. I was in the scouts back in 1963 and Tony Peck was scoutmaster. If I have the right family Linda was in the girls brigade, It would be nice to hear from you and tell me if my guess was right and how the Beales are going

    By Tony Aishford (15/01/2009)
  • Hi Colin and Tony,

    Firstly Colin… your name rings a bell with me…but I think just from schooldays…and Tony Aishford and I were both a year above you. Is there any chance of you sending me a full sized copy of the photo as there are several faces that look familiar to me.


    Grand to see you here on the site matey… been a while since we’ve seen you… maybe Roger and I will pop over to Qld again one of these days and give you a call… would be nice to meet up again. Love to Sue and the kids

    Trish Nicholls (nee Pat Newman)

    By Trish Nicholls (29/01/2009)
  • Hi Trish

    Received your email. Lovely to hear from you. Do you think Colin is 5th right back row. Would be marvellous to hear from him. Sometime ago I saw a brilliant article on Fred Watkins. So it was you, Regards Tony Aishford

    By Tony Aishford (30/01/2009)
  • Well I’ve just added a comment on the the page regarding Billy Wells’ ponies and wandered on to the ‘schools’ page only to find a couple of postings from Tony Aishford in Oz!! Tony and I were trampolinists [if thats the right word] at Furtherwick or Canvey Secondary as it was then under the guidance of the p.e. teacher John Fretwell – we were reasonably competent and did a comedy trampoline routine during the more serious gymnastic displays -somewhere in my own archives I have photos of the gymnastic team and Tony and I mid routine. Oh! I’ve remembered the right word trampoloning was officially known as ‘rebound tumbling’

    By Chris Stevens (18/11/2009)
  • Can anyone add more names to this picture. Some look familier but its been a loooong time !

    By Graham Eames (29/04/2011)
  • I wonder if anyone remembers my dad warner wallace or my mum heather clayton at all please x

    By dawn browning (25/06/2011)
  • Hello, my mum is 5th from the right, front row. Rose Cherry Moorcroft. Does anybody remember her? It will be good to tell her some names who have got into contact.

    By James Dalby (12/10/2014)
  • I think the boy on the top row , forth from the right is possibly Tony Jenkins.

    By D Balthasar (30/05/2021)
  • back row second from right its terry stevens he was my best man at my wedding

    By Garey edward Howard (27/06/2022)

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