Computers arrive at Furtherwick

What year?

Do you remember when the first computers arrived at Furtherwick Park School? Are you in these pictures. We want to hear from you please comment below.

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  • These were the BBC B computers but they weren’t the first. We already had Commodore Pets – I think two – which were upstairs in the new block. They had small mono screens and were very basic but to us at the time were brilliant. Mrs Pring used to take us up there four at a time in computer studies.

    By Andy Darlington (07/01/2012)
  • that is me in the second picture OMG!!!!!

    By lisa chaney (21/04/2012)
  • I remember the first computer with the cards you blacked out certain segments it was in the late 70’s or very early 80’s

    By darren wright (31/12/2012)
  • Yes you are quite right.I believe Mr Littlejohn introduced to the mystery of filling out small boxes with a lead pencil to create an instruction for the computer to read. Mind you after handing in at the end of a lesson it was usual to wait a couple of weeks for the results.I bet they were just viewed at his home and he made up the results. He must have, because mine were always wrong…

    By peter bligh (28/05/2014)
  • i can remember our class being told by Mr. Palmer, we would never have to worry about computers, not in our lifetime. we would only see a computer room [yes,a whole room.] If we worked for BT we would never see one in our homes. that was what we were told in 1973-4. How times change.

    By Gary Casson (12/08/2017)
  • hello

    I was also told by my teacher at Furtherwick quite emphatically that if a parachutist had a chute that failed to open, they would be dead long before they reached the ground because the slipstream would suck all the air from their lungs

    So much for sky diving then



    By sparrow (13/08/2017)
  • I remember Mr Little john, interesting lessons. I recall punching out the data programme cards with my pencil tip. But what the cards actualy achieved I have no idea. Classroom was on first floor main block far end Close to the sports hall.

    By George george (03/05/2021)
  • 1982 was the first year that GCE Computer Studies was offered. Our teacher was training as he was teaching us. The cards that are mentioned in several comments were taken to the University where he was studying, they were run on the mainframe computer there. The reports were printed and we all learned the frustration of putting instructions in the wrong order!

    By Joy Alderson (21/01/2023)

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