Cooking Class

at Furtherwick

We have no dates or names for these photos taken at Furtherwick’s Cooking Classes. Can you help?

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  • Is that Mrs Ingram ? Think that was her name

    By Brad Norman (15/01/2012)
  • Yes that was Mrs. Ingram, I had her for cookery. I left in 1981 when I moved off the Island, I’m sure she was still there then. I remember having to take all the ingredients in a biscuit tin or a sweet tin. Then eating what was made on the way home.

    By Janet Blundell (24/09/2012)
  • I left in 1992 and she was still there then.

    By Raigan Barnes (29/07/2015)
  • Mrs Ingrams – She used to drive an orange Lada estate!

    By Barry Jones (19/04/2020)
  • Mrs ingrams cookery teacher. She liked to shout.

    By Lynn (10/04/2021)

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