Furtherwick Park School

Possibly some of the first students

Students of the new secondary school
David MacGregor

This is a school photo with my sister Christina in the back row. Taken when the school (Now Furtherwick Park School) was fairly new (Opened 1957). Can anyone name more of the students?

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  • Hello Re the picture of the students of Furtherwick park. I was in the first intake [1957] and at that time there was no school badge as shown and we still didn’t have one when I left in 1959. It came much later and the girls didn’t wear tunics but skirt, blouse,and blazer Regards Sparrow

    By Robin Howie (22/10/2010)
  • If you look carefully some of the girls are in fact wearing skirts not tunics and they do not all have badges. We do not as yet have an exact date for the photo. I would think they were the intake for 1958. The family emigrated to Australia in 1961.

    By Janet Penn (22/10/2010)
  • I am in this photograph [middle of the three boys in the back row], my Canvy Secondary ‘report book’ records my date of entry to the school as 4th September 1958. Our intake spent our first year at the old Canvey Secondary in Long Road [since then rebuilt and now the William Read Junior School] although the more senior years had already occupied the new building in the town centre. This photo does not show a lot of my ‘class mates’ and leads me to think it may be a picture of the choir attending the local music festival at King John School in Befleet the photograph being taken on the field opposite the school on the [west] side of Shipwrights Drive with the trees of Thundersley Glen in the background, hopefully one of the others in the photograph will be able to confirm this or throw some other light on where it was taken. The picture is in the region of 50 years old and therefore my memory is older by the same number – but here are a few names I can definitely remember and some I am not a 100% sure on – again perhaps one of the others in the picture or from our year will be able to add or correct the other names. Back row from the left 2. Sharon Hussey 3. Jill Smith 5. Ann Collins? 6. David McGregor’s sister Christina [ I think] 8. Wendy Peddel 10. me 11. Harvey Albert? 12. Margaret Grant. Middle row, from the left 1. Christine Jones? 3. Deanne [now Blackwell]? 4. Karen Bartlett? 5. Francesca Bayman 7. Terry Patey?? 10. Graham Eames 12. Pat Bones 13. Mary Knapp [now Storey]. front row 1. Irene Brand 3. Linda Carter 4. Wendy Peddel’s friend who later married Steve Cutmore and her name will come to me when I have posted this contribution!! 8. Jean Ponsford?

    By Chris Stevens (22/10/2010)
  • Nice that Chris remembered me. I am Graham Eames and I am in the position as Chris recalled. It was in fact the school choir lovingly looked after by Mrs Dalrymple I think? I have a copy of the picture in an archive somewhere. we were actually quite good and both Chris and Harvey Albert were accomplished musicians in their own right. The pupils always looked smart ( for the time) and The Headmaster Mr Fred watkins ( ex Army captain) would allow no slackness at all. Used to stand outside assembly hall every morning and check out the pupils as they filed out pulling untidy miscreants and random checks on fingernails and shoe polish lol.

    By Graham Eames (16/02/2011)
  • I would like to know if anyone remembers my dad Warner Wallace or my mother Heather Clayton ? Also is there any pictures of them on her please

    By dawn browning (28/06/2011)
  • Hi, I think the person in the back row 5 from the left, may be me Kay Smith. I was one of the original students, from 1957 and left in 1960. During that time I was Head Girl of the school. Did anyone attend the school trip to Switzerland in 1960. if so, I have some photos from that trip, and will post some. thanks Kay

    By Kay Smith (22/09/2012)
  • Just to add my two bob’s worth. To Francesca Bayman’s left is Anne White, to Ann’s left is me Tony…Sorry, Tell Patey was not in the choir. Chris you are correct, it was Benfleet. Good to hear the name Steve Cutmore, I used to live with him and his familyin Winter Gardens, when I returned from New Zealand in ’64. Tony

    By Tony Wood (09/12/2012)
  • Was there a Karen Bartlett or is that Kitty ?

    By Bartlett David (08/03/2015)
  • Front row there is Jean Pulliblank (now decd), Susan Murphy, Ann Tennant. And yes it is Karen Bartlett, she had a cousin in our class Christina Bartlett. Back row Christina Wilson, Carol Streams (moved to Australia in 2nd year) Margaret? margaret Williams on the end right back. Tanis Murray tight middle tie on the end.

    By joan liddiard (09/03/2015)
  • I was in the lower year then. I think I recognise Barry Adams, 3rd from left, 2nd row. My first wife, Judith Gilbey went on the trip to Switzerland. Amazing to hear so many familiar names.

    By terry Hounsom (24/04/2015)

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