Furtherwick Park School c1964

Published with the permission of Mel Vickers

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  • Back row : Ewing’s ,?, Michael Norris, Peter Bird,? Mel Vickers ? Brian Haspineal.
    Front row: Peter Cook, Bob Giles R.I.P.,Roger Hulse, Harry Gearing, Trevor Stevens R.I.P., Dave Wallis R.I.P. , John Gregory.

    By Anne Hurd (27/08/2020)
  • That certainly is Mel Vickers and sadly, Harry Gearing is also no longer with us.

    By Tony Maguire (27/08/2020)
  • That’s a shame about Harry, he lived near me.

    By Anne Hurd (28/08/2020)
  • Fortunately my youngest brother Trevor is alive and well, retired and living nr Banbury Oxfordshire. He has always kept the same physique and lucky so and so has kept that hair(although grey). I’ll let him know about this photo.

    By Graham Stevens (29/08/2020)
  • Hi Graham, Nice to hear Trevor is still with us ! Someone said he’d passed away & he’d been to the funeral !! Can’t remember who said it but they must have been very confused ! Anne Hurd.

    By Anne Hurd (30/08/2020)
  • I rediscovered this website recently and have posted a few entries elsewhere. But this picture stopped me in my tracks.
    All the lads in this photo were classmates at Furtherwick Park or earlier. some were in Mr Corbett’s class with me at Long Road school. A couple of these lads were also at Linden Sports Club with me in 1962/63. Peter Bird and his younger bother John were always friendly to me but maybe the names were a subliminal link (Bird/Raven).
    I moved from Canvey in 1964 (I live in Norfolk now) but was introduced to rugby at Furtherwick Park by a great sports master called Ken Light and I think Mr Hendy(?) was a PE teacher at the same time. I didn’t play for the school rugby team but did play a few for the football team, remembering that a fellow called Bob Carter (a mate of Mel Vickers) was our goalie. It’s great to see such a quality photo here showing the lads very clearly – all are easy to spot. It just doesn’t seem possible that nearly 60 years have passed by!
    Maybe my mind is playing games with me as it’s a long time ago, but I think I remember Norman (top right in pic) Ewing’s family having a bungalow built in c.1962 in (very muddy) Roggel Road where I lived and which was on a plot across the road from Paul and Winnie Capser’s house and also down the road from my mate(s) Nicky Arthurs (R.I.P) and Dave Ogg who lived opposite him.
    I also remember Peter Cook who had a brother called Andy, I think, and they lived in either The Parkway or The Driveway. And in his earlier days Roger Hulse I recall lived in Hawkesbury Road.
    Mel Vickers, like me, was always keen on music at school and maybe if I had stayed on the island I might have strummed along in one of his bands – who knows? Is he still playing?
    It would be great to hear from anyone who spots my entry and it would be good to learn if these chaps are well and thriving. (Apologies to the Editor for the long post).

    By Pete Raven (28/12/2020)
  • Yes, I’m still alive! This photo of the rugby team stired some very pleasent memories and some questions.
    I’d realy like someone to put a name to the boy who is second from the left? I’d also like to fix in my mind what positions we all played and who was the Captain?
    I believe there is a more “posed” photo of the team which I’d love to see.
    PS. Anne, please can you go back into your caption an bring me back to life.

    By Trevor Stevens (29/12/2020)

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