Furtherwick Park School c1964

Published with the permission of Mel Vickers

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  • Back row : Ewing’s ,?, Michael Norris, Peter Bird,? Mel Vickers ? Brian Haspineal.
    Front row: Peter Cook, Bob Giles R.I.P.,Roger Hulse, Harry Gearing, Trevor Stevens R.I.P., Dave Wallis R.I.P. , John Gregory.

    By Anne Hurd (27/08/2020)
  • That certainly is Mel Vickers and sadly, Harry Gearing is also no longer with us.

    By Tony Maguire (27/08/2020)
  • That’s a shame about Harry, he lived near me.

    By Anne Hurd (28/08/2020)
  • Fortunately my youngest brother Trevor is alive and well, retired and living nr Banbury Oxfordshire. He has always kept the same physique and lucky so and so has kept that hair(although grey). I’ll let him know about this photo.

    By Graham Stevens (29/08/2020)
  • Hi Graham, Nice to hear Trevor is still with us ! Someone said he’d passed away & he’d been to the funeral !! Can’t remember who said it but they must have been very confused ! Anne Hurd.

    By Anne Hurd (30/08/2020)

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