Furtherwick Park School uniform, summer skirt.

Summer skirt as part of school uniform.

Does anyone remember having to make this summer skirt for our school uniform? My skirt has a waist measurement of 25 ins and a length of 20 ins. I can’t imagine being that small. We sewed them in our first year at Furtherwick to teach us how to pin, tack and use an electric sewing machine amongst other basic skills. I think Mrs Heegan might have been our teacher at the timeĀ  in 1969/70.

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  • Oh yes, I remember that darn skirt very well. How I hated it! I didn’t enjoy making it and I certainly didn’t want to wear it either! I think I cut mine up and made an ‘A’ line skirt out of it in an attempt to make it a little more fashionable! Ha, ha….Happy days!

    By Pat Al Yousef (Nolson) (15/04/2020)

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