The Seafront

Our memory by Haydn, Ricky and Chelsea

My memory by Haydn

There used to be loads of rides, amusements and playing fields where we used to hang out and play loads of games.

My part of my life (moving onto Canvey ) by Richard

The day I had moved onto Canvey Island was a wet and stormy day but still was a good day out to one of the most exciting places I have ever been. It was firework night when I moved onto the Island and because it was my first day living here all we could afford to do for bonfire night was play with sparklers. This is one of my favourite times on Canvey. Anyone who reads this will know what my life was like and how it changed when I moved onto Canvey. By Richard H. 10/6/2008

My Memory By Chelsea

I remember when there was a park between the Monico Restaurant and the little movie place. It was there for ages until 2005 when they took it down. There was rollercoasters, slides and a carousel. In 2007, there is a park for smaller kids and a crazy golf place. Also there is a carvan park in Thorney Bay!!!

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  • My sister and myself spent most of our wages in the Casino back in the early 60’s

    By Sandra Springall (25/10/2015)

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