Time at Furtherwick Park School


I have been at Furtherwick Park for nearly a year and 5 months because I came from Leigh up north.  I have been on Canvey Island for 4 years (on and off) and Furtherwick was my first high school I was in year 7, I was only at Furtherwick for 5 months because I moved back up north for 9 months and I came back too the same school but a different house. I really regret going back up north because Canvey is warmer, has a beach and in Leeds were I moved too had no beach the best things that was up there was the sweets and the shops in the city that is it.

I am glad that I am on Canvey because it is a really nice place too live and the school Furtherwick is better than the one that I moved to. It was called South Leeds high school and I think that Furtherwick is so better.

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  • I have just read the statement above and realized that it was me, thank you for keeping this sentimental piece of literature (i moved back up north after i wrote this LOL). x

    By Danielle Grimes (10/01/2012)
  • You are part of Canvey’s History now Danielle

    By Janet Penn (10/01/2012)

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