Furtherwick Park School

Assembly Hall date unknown

The Assembly Hall
Norman Chisholm

Hopefully I have this picture the right way round, never having seen the school from this angle.

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  • I think that’s right yes

    By David Bullock (16/09/2011)
  • The high windows to the right of the hall were, I believe, the p.e. changing rooms.

    By Barbara (02/10/2011)
  • Yes the photo is definitely the right way round. The square windows to the right were the P.E. changing rooms. To the left is the headmaster’s office, then the secretarys office. The small windows high up in the wall were staff Loo’s and then came what was a science room but in the 80’s was converted into the staffroom.

    By Janet Walden (22/10/2014)

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