Furtherwick's 1986 trip to Deauville

Were you there?

Staff members Marc Fabadin, Veronic Buttigieg and Adie Howe

Were you one of the pupils on this trip? Can you name anyone. Please comment below.

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  • This was our 2nd year french trip in 1982/1983 – trying to name everyone but I’m second from the left in the back row trying to walk down x

    By Samantha Pattison (20/04/2012)
  • I can see Sarah Nash in the front with her blonde hair third in from the right, can not remember all the names as I was two years older.

    By Paul Clark (04/06/2013)
  • Wow – what a trip down memory lane.  That teacher is me in this picture on the left; Adie Howe (now Adie Blaquière).  I think the title should be “trip to Deauville” – probably someone’s handwriting couldn’t be read.

    By Adrienne Blaquiere (01/05/2019)

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