Janet Dolling's Furtherwick Park Photos

1968 - 1970

Form 1A 1968 Mr Des Francis' class.
Janet Dolling
Sponsored walk Canvey sea wall 1969/70. 2nd left Edward Dolling.
Janet Dolling
Sponsored walk on Canvey sea wall 1969/70. Edward Dolling on far left. 2nd L, Brian Deal, 3rd L, Stephen Field, behind Stephen Gary Davy.
Janet Dolling

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  • Thank you for posting and bringing back many memories.

    I do remember Mrs. Dolling from the science labs. I do believe the photo to be from 1971 as Mr. Francis was the form teacher for our final two years (4A1 and 5A1). 1968 would have been LA1 and Mr. Littlejohn.

    Plenty of names to recall but plenty missing (with thanks to Stephanie Montgomery for her help):

    Back Row- Christopher Domeny,?,?,?,?, Angela Bath,?,?,?, Robin Cooper, Paul Bird, ?, Jeff Dingle, Paula Banham,?

    Middle Row- Linda Fleischer, ?,?,?,?,?, Sue Garner, Jean Howard(?)

    Front Row- Steven Field, Stuart Curtis, Lionel Cole, Martin Edwards, Danny Doran, Tony Driver, Brian Deal, ?, Gary Davey

    Seated- Paul Bryant, Edward Dolling, ? 

    By Tony Driver (12/02/2019)
  • The one with the mop of hair not paying attention is me, David Cook. The hairs mainly gone nowadays but the attention span is still about the same.

    The boys you missed . Between Paul and Jeff is Alan Palmer. At the end is Paul Van Der Kerkoph. The boy sitting at the front was a Scottish lad George? that joined us for a while.

    Some of the missing girls names are IIRC Anne Harrison-Smith, Susan Berger, Pat Rubery, Michelle Davis and Julie Bines.

    Haven’t seen much of anyone since we left as most of them went off to college and I went straight into the building trade, which didn’t last long. I spent most of my life as driver of HGVs, Heavy Plant and Taxis.

    Some memories of the boys

    Christopher Domeny saw him about 10 years after we left and he was still in education studying politics I believe.

    Robin Cooper . One of my friends at school. Went to Cambridge Uni I believe.

    Paul Bird. The big fella of the class.

    Alan Palmer. Very Tall

    Jeff Dingle. Hooker in the rugby team.

    Steven Field. Another mate of mine, lived near me in Waarden road.

    Lionel Coles. My nemesis , the only person that I ever had a fight with.

    Martin (Banger) Edwards went to work at Wiggins like me.

    Tony Driver . Lived near council offices and his dad worked for West Ham United

    Paul Bryant. Hearing him read out the Korean football team players names when he had a heavy cold still sticks in my brain.

    Gary Davey. Picked him up in my cab one night and took him home to South Fambridge.

    The only girls I have seen on the Island are Anne, Michelle, Angela and Sandra Payne.

    Not sure how I can remember all this when I forget what I’ve come up the stairs for sometimes now. Chances are some of the people in that photo are no longer with us. I hope they and those of us still around  had a happy life like I’ve had.

    By David Cook (08/08/2019)
  • Just remembered that my favourite lesson was music, not that I was any good or remotely interested, mainly because I could look out of the window and watch the Batchelor boys racing their cars and motorbikes around the bungalows they owned on what is now Sainsbury s car park.

    By David Cook (09/08/2019)
  • Good to read your memories David.

    By Stephanie Melson (Montgomery LA1) (03/01/2020)
  • I don’t know if I was in the photo but I was in the class. Leigh Ogden.

    By Leigh Sargent (08/05/2020)
  • Just seen this photo of us all no one’s mentioned Cathy Fordham we were good mates and she went to work at Egan’s I think great photos
    Paula Banham now Holt Island Carpets was Island Toys

    By Paula holt (08/05/2020)
  • On class photo I’m on the middle row 4th from left Sharon Finnecy and to my right is Karen Broadbent. I worked for the Bank of England along with Sandra Payne.

    By Sharon Mullender (13/06/2020)
  • David , your comments and descriptions were absolutely on point… Back in our day we had our “dreams” of what life would bring us …
    Today, I pray for our children!

    By Gary Davey (23/10/2022)

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