Leigh Beck School 1947

Maureen is 2nd row, 5th from the right. Do you recognise anyone? Please comment below.

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  • Oh my God that was a long time ago. Yes I am there,bottom row 2nd in and the only one wearing a tie , thanks to my dear Mum! The smart appearance unfortunately did continue into later life.Brother Chris has always kept up that tradition!
    I am usually pretty good with memory of faces must be age but I am struggling a bit here
    I will start off with a few names and come back to it later it has been quite a shock to see this very good photo

    Thanks Maureen you have looked after it well, it couldn’t have been long before you and Carla went off to the Catholic School!
    Sorry I seem to have somehow stretched this comment I will come back with some names later. Graham.

    By Graham Stevens (01/09/2021)
  • OK here goes,apologies to those I cannot remember!
    Top row: Brenda Veal ? ? Iris Mason, Denise Cunningham,
    Terry Theobald, Jackie Hollington,Gillian Burton,?, Ginger surname never known, Leslie Baker, Terry Pierce.
    Next row down:
    Marion FitzPatrick, ? , ?, Joan Shaves, ?, Audrey Rumf, Mary Lake, John Stewart, ? , Brenda Baines, ? , Ian Britnell, ?.
    Next: ?, Yvonne Burgess , ?, one of the Raine twins, a lady I’ve seen around the town for years but can never
    recall her name, ? , Wendy Frost, Maureen , the other Raine twin, no Christian name Marsh, Suzanne Terry, no Christian name Edwards.
    Seated: Brian Roberts, me, ? ,Trevor

    By Graham (03/09/2021)
  • Sorry,last name Trevor Britnell, best mate at the time, even asked for my youngest.brother to be named Trevor, which he was!! Graham.

    By Graham (03/09/2021)

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