New Leigh Beck School Photo

Pre 1949

Leigh Beck Junior School pre 1949
Tony Matthews

This photo was taken outside what is now Leigh Beck Infants School. It is dated pre 1949 and has been lent to us by Tony Matthews.

Do you recognise anyone or are you in the picture? Please comment below.

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  • I can remember most of the names in this picture, back row left to right, Terry Cotgrove, Myself, Brian Gale, Billy Kinnely, Peter Davis, Gordon Boobyer, John Wolfe, Brian Veal,–?–, –?–, Eddie Hoad. Middle row left to right, Shirley Nash, Eileen Monk, Gwen Bull, Kathy Wheeler, Audry Hunt, Normar Edwards, –?–, –?–, Eileen Skinner, Bottom row left to right, Doris Ratcliff, –?–, Eileen Hoad, Maureen Verlander, Doreen Durrant, –?–, –?–.

    By Tony Matthews (22/01/2011)
  • Yep!! Know all of the boys in the back row and some of the girls too.Eddie Hoad was tragically killed in a scooter accident on Essex Way sometime in the late 50s John Wolfe was the elder brother of my playmate Sydney Wolfe.Audrey Hunt was always considered hot as I remember and Tony,your sister Valerie was my first great love.I think I was six at the time. Geoff Graydon.

    By Geoffrey Graydon (23/09/2013)
  • eddie hoad (my dad) was killed in 1960 a week before his grandad died.a very sad month for my grandad

    By darryl hoad (24/09/2013)
  • Hi Darryl.I’m truly sorry if my post raised bad memories for you ,that was certainly not my intention.I was away at sea when it happened and i was shocked and sad when I came home on leave and heard about it,he was one of a group that I knocked about with when I i was home. Regards geoff Graydon.

    By Geoff Graydon (27/09/2013)
  • hi Geoff , no has not raised bad memories , thing is I was very young and have only a couple of photos of my dad, I have not seen this one and am very happy about it,thanks (sorry for the time its took to reply)

    By darryl hoad (02/07/2015)
  • 2nd from the left front row is my Mum Lilly Sexton as she was then

    By Tony Morgan (16/09/2021)

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