Long Road School 1949?

Were you there?

Long Road School (Canvey County) 1949

Were you at Long Road School? Do you know any of the children in this picture?

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  • The last three in the back row on the right are Ricky Sanders Billy Longhurst and Jimmy Inge.

    By John Buckmaster (28/04/2011)
  • I was at Long Road Secondary Modern as it was called then. Mr.Cairns was headmaster. The children in this photo look too young to have been there. We started there at aged 11 in 1946 to aged 15. I’m a bit perplexed. There was another school further down that I thought was a junior school.

    By Stan Pierce (14/12/2011)
  • This is Canvey Junior School Stan, aka Long Road school, Canvey County. The School you were at is now William Read originally known as ‘Long Road Public Elementary School’, then Canvey Island Secondary Modern School before the secondary school moved to Furtherwick then it was called William Read. You can find it here

    By Janet Penn (14/12/2011)
  • I attended Long Road (Secondary) SChool up until 1949. The school leaving age had been raised to 15 and during that last year it seemed as though we were allowed to do half days at either Gardening, Carpentry etc. Does anyone remember this happening.?? It was during my last year at the school that Brian(Dickie)Bird and myself, installed an electric bell system to replace the old hand held bell which was often rung by none other than Mr.(Slasher) Eales. The system that we installed simply needed a thumb push to announce the class changes etc. Some other teacher names:- Miss Pugh, Miss Lincoln (art), Miss Wigg, Mr.Vicars, Mr.Phillips and of course Mr. Slasher Eales. It was a long time ago, I’m sure I’ve left some out.!!! Regarding air-raid shelters, I recall us having to go “single file, no running” to reach the brick and concrete shelters around the playing field, behind the school. It seemed to happen quite often.

    By Gerald Hudson (09/01/2012)
  • I remember a strange incident that took place in the 1940’s, I’m not sure which year. We were in a classroom that had windows on the Long Road side of the school. To our amazement we saw a small plane landing in the field across Long Road, part of the Cook Farm I think. At the first chance, some of us went over to where the aircraft had stopped. The pilot was walking around his plane, so we asked him why he had landed there. He said that while he was flying high over London the propellor had dropped off.!!So he proceded to “glide” his light aircraft until he could find somewhere to land. A new propellor was delivered and installed and the plane took off from the same field.!! I wonder if anyone else can remember this incident.??

    By Gerald Hudson (14/01/2012)

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