Long Road School Pictures

also called Canvey County

This picture is dated c1960 and has been published with the permission of Tony Mcquire.


Back l-r
Unknown, Derek Wilkinson, Mr Moran, Unknown, Maurice Ullman, Janice Becket.
Mid row l-r
Unknown, Jacqueline Stoneman, Joy Vincent, Gay Huzzey, Kathleen Went.
Front row l-r
Alan Thorpe, George Payne, Barry Jackson, Pip Hope, Steve Taylor


The following picture dated 1960 is with the permission of George Payne.

Long Road Football team receiving the Benfleet Shield in 1960 played at Hadleigh Junior School.


L.-R.- Ian Wenham, Robert Reed, Dave Ealding, Dennis Aspinall, George Payne, Alan Thorpe, Chris Smith?, Malcolm Wilkinson, Neil Brockes, Derek Wilkinson, Pippy Hope.
Behind us is Mr.Hall

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  • I was thrilled to see these photos from when I resided on Canvey by the beautiful Thames… brings back memories. Thank you so much for sharing them with all. Gay

    By Gay Rosen (nee Huzzey) (15/11/2009)
  • Great photos – brings back a lot of memories. George -Please Email me and let me know what you are doing. I still live on Canvey. And anyone else. The only comment about the footie pic is “did we really have legs like that and did we really wear footie boots like that”

    By Alan Thorpe (08/11/2010)
  • Hello to Gay and Alan. I’ve posted on Friends Reunited a copy of the programme for the final of the Benfleet Shield. (Does it still exist anywhere?). Still got the medal. And if you read this Gay, do you remember you were my country dancing partner at Long Road School. (Does country dancing still exist as well?)

    By Malcolm Wilkinson (15/06/2012)
  • OOhhhh! Mr Hall!! Had such a schoolgirl crush on him!! Even when he invited us to slap him with the plimsoll, I always let him smack me rather than hurt him!!! Can’t see it happening nowadays!! LOL!!

    By Cheri Arlenghi (18/10/2012)
  • Mr Moran was headmaster of the Junior School part when I started there in 1966, i was in Mrs Payne’s class in one of the prefabs. People I remember are Hazel Brown, Debra Carter, Carolyn Campbell, Kerry Taylor, Kerry Thomas and more I cannot name, maybe Karen Scarff, I have a picture of us all in the Nativity play in 1967, I was a narrator, does anyone remember any of the people, my maiden name was Alison Johnson.

    By Alison Patterson (22/12/2013)
  • From memory I think the girl on the far left of the middle row is Linda Benfield.  While I no longer live on Canvey Mum is still there alive and kicking at 92, must be the air.

    Great to see picture, thanks Tony.

    Maurice Ullman


    By Maurice Ullman (31/07/2014)
  • I attended Long Road School from 1960 till 1966. I remember Mr. Colvert and Miss Gosling and Mr Moran. Miss Gosling had previously taught my sister there too and my parents at the,William Read School.
    Children in my class were Gail Bowman, Gillian Delieu, Tommy Bugg. My name was Frances Barnard.

    By Frances Townsend (10/04/2020)
  • I remember Mr Moran and Miss Gosling. I distinctly remember the poetry classes of Mr Moran. he encouraged us to write non-rhyming poetry, particularly about Fireworks and Christmas. We also had special tins of coloured pencils to decorate the ‘posh’ copy we had to make in our best handwriting. Miss Gosling retired in 1969 and I was in her final class. She could be fearsome!

    By Heather Turnbull (nee Martin) (24/03/2021)
  • Cheri, not sure if it’s the same nativity play but have photo of one around the same time – included Kerry Taylor. Leigh Bingham, Lynne Charrison, Debbie Soper, Dean Smith, myself Bridie Hawkridge to name but a few

    By bridie kikeros (01/05/2022)
  • Hi Bridie ,
    This is your old friend Karen Daniels.
    You know where my Mum & Dad lived . If you would like to get in contact please go and see my Mum so we can get in touch again. Remembering the old days! My Dad passed away during Covid , so sad!

    By Karen Ross - Daniels (31/08/2023)

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