S E Essex Primary Schools Athletics Champions

Sent in by Stephen Reynolds

I am Stephen Reynolds, oldest son of Ron and Beatrice. I am living in Brisbane, Australia.

This is a photograph of the victorious S E Essex Primary Schools Athletics Champions from July 1967, taken at the school. I was 10 years old. In that competition I won a silver medal in the relay.

The same day the photo was taken we all trooped off from St Joseph’s on Vaagen Rd to the sea wall to watch Sir Francis Chichester sail up the Thames to London in Gypsy Moth IV (or was it V?) at the end of his round the world sail.

The teacher in charge was Mr Doyle.

Back row 3rd from photo left (the end Mr Doyle is) Judith McCann?

Second row John Atwell? next to Mr Doyle then I think Stephen O’Brien next to him. I am 6th along that row. I think it is Patrick McArthy on my right.

Next row Tina Shelton is holding the cup. John McCann is in there too, maybe 6th along from the left in that same row as Tina.

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  • I think the person next to me (Tina Shelton) is or was Margaret Johnson (my best friend) last I heard she was a doctor working in America.  Brilliant to see this old photo and I can remember going to see Francis Chichester sailing up the Thames but didn’t realise it was the same day.

    By Tina Worth (06/01/2016)
  • Wow, don’t believe it – looked at this picture and names I haven’t thought of for years have come flooding back.  Back row left to right:  Jacqueline Moss, Sarah Slattery, June Phillips (I think).  Not sure of the next two but then Lynne Lesad (spelt this wrong?) and maybe Ann Pike on the end?  Front row standing is Leslie Davies 3rd from the right.  One or two others look familiar but the names are gone. 

    By Annette Staunton (09/03/2017)
  • Hi…the girl third from left in the second row back, is Margaret Schaefer (nee Johnson), and yes she is living in Montana USA,working as a medical family practitioner. She is my younger sister and I remember Tina Shelton well, as I do all of her family. Nice memories!!

    By Janette Sheern (05/05/2017)
  • Hi – Steve Brown here. I’m next to John Atwell (second boy from left, second row) .Stephen Reynolds – you almost had it right with O’Brien! Our relay team that won silver medal in the 4×100 was John Atwell, Stephen Reynolds, John McCann (I think) and myself. Never seen this photo before – thanks.

    By Steve Brown (18/07/2017)
  • Amazing to see this photo which I still have in a shoe box with other old memories. I remember the day well and won a couple of medals but can’t remember what for. I am two along from Tina Shelton and next to Mark Chittendon. Great to see this picture and many thanks for posting it. Love to hear from anyone. 

    By Mike Clark (01/04/2018)
  • It’s great to see this picture. I’m John Attwell standing between Stephen Brown and the brilliant teacher Mr Doyle. I think Alan Hill is standing in the row in front of me and I remember the boy at the other end of my row is Spencer but don’t remember his surname.
    What a pleasure to see this picture. Best regards to everyone.

    By John Attwell (24/02/2021)
  • Really an update for all. I made contact with Tina Worth (nee Shelton) after seeing this great picture that I had not looked at for over 40 years. We connected on FB and was great to hear from her. Sadly Tina passed away in 2020. So sad after just a few months of chatting.

    Hope some of you see this message but best to you all.

    By Michael Clark (30/06/2021)
  • I was sad to hear about the death of Tina Shelton; she was my younger sisters best friend at junior school and I knew all of her family well. Janette Sheern ne; Johnson.

    By Mrs Janette Sheern (02/09/2022)

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