The Convent School

Early pictures inside the school

These two pictures were taken inside the convent school. They look very old can anyone date them?

Many thanks to Leigh Sargent for giving us permission to publish them

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  • I very much enjoyed this site and specially the two old photographs. I live in Cork, Ireland and I am a 61 year old writer. I have lived all of my life close to a Mercy school and convent and over the years I befriended many of the nuns. In recent times I am developing a pictorial history of the Mercy Sister both at home and internationally. Many sisters around the world have responed to my request for old photographs of the sisters at work, prayer and at leisure activities. I would very much be delighted if former students could email me such photographs for my project. With best wishes for 2014 from Ireland…Eugene

    By Eugene Cosgrove (03/01/2014)
  • Please make public my email for responding reasons.

    By Eugene Cosgrove (03/01/2014)
  • These were probably taken between 1950, when classroom was in the old convent, and 1955 when new classrooms were built. I was a pupil there from 1950. I lived in Benfleet and a taxi used to transport pupils from  Pitsea? and Benfleet to the convent. As the number of pupils increased so did the vehicles from taxis to buses.

    By miriam petheram nee COLLIER (10/10/2014)
  • i can remember getting the bus just opposite Barclays Bank in Benfleet. I can remember Mother Katherine, Sister Dominic, Sister Agnes she was scary. From there after a short time at King John school I went to St Thomas Moore

    By Frank Daley (13/10/2014)
  • I remember the Friday school dinners about that time – mashed potato and choice of baked beans or tinned spaghetti and no fish because of the cost. I, too, remember going in a taxi from Benfleet, before we had the buses. I used to catch the taxi/bus from opposite a school in Benfleet with my late sister, Ann, unless we had taken my sister, Mary, to nursery when we then caught the bus near the cemetery.

    By Marjery Gibbons nee Dykes (04/02/2015)
  • I started there in 1952 and remember the Friday school dinners. Sister Annunciata was problem the nicest of the Sisters of Mercy.

    Mr Diamond was teaching there – I think in the annex – and at least us boys got to play football, Fanny Jarvis, Dave Corey, Chris Shelton, Peter Twydell, the Hewitsons et al.  I used to get the taxi at cemetery corner. Nice to see names of girls that I remember – Miriam and Pauline Collier, Marjery and Ann Dykes. There was also Pauline Quinn, Yvonne Faeirs, Frances Twydell, Roiseann Elliot and others. What are you all doing now.

    By Bill Smith (14/03/2016)
  • I remember my school days at St Joseph’s  I actually enjoyed going to school.  Sr Annunciata was a sweet, caring petite nun.  I went back to visit her in 1990, she was sick in bed.   I remember Miriam Collier and Marjorie Dykes.  My name is Barbara Clifford

    By Barbara Clifford (20/09/2019)
  • We all had fond memories of St Joseph’s Convent. Bernadine Hewitson, along with John and me (Greg) all joined in 1953 ( Christine was born later) following our move from Walthamstow to Benfleet. We travelled by contract bus from the High Street by Cemetery Corner along with Billy Smith and the Twydell’s. I do remember in particular Sr Camillus and Sr Alphonsus along with Mother Catherine and Sr Agnes.

    By Greg Hewitson (08/06/2020)
  • I was a border there from 1950-1953(approx.) aged 4 -7 years. I was the youngest child by far. I don’t remember much about it except some kind nuns. If anyone remembers me I would love to hear from them.

    By Lucy Casey (09/09/2022)

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