St Joseph's School Nativity play - 1969-1970??

Thanks to Nicky Banham

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  • It’s not the Nativity. It’s the 1969 junior school production of an operetta based upon the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. The Nativity would have been performed by the infants either earlier in the day or on an entirely different day altogether. But it no doubt ended with some stirring festive carol singing and hence the angelic choir to the front. The back ground scenery was the handiwork of Mr Colvert who was a very popular art teacher at the school. I’m not sure he had a class. He mostly spent his days in the art room in the old school block occasionally venturing out to take the boys onto the field for cricket or football. I can remember him supervising as most of the background painting was done by Gary Palmer and Jimmy Brown, who in turn supervised the less talented children and corrected their mistakes. The musical arrangement was by the Miss Moran Sisters. One was a teacher at the school who acted as voice coach for the production and her sister was a very talented pianist who came in as required. Miss Philips directed. There are at least three classes of children on the stage and sadly, most of the boys have their faces covered by masks (dressed as animals of the forest as I recall). That limits those I can identify but none-the-less I can put some names to them. Forgive me if I spell a name wrong and even more so if I don’t remember you. But it is 3 classes and 43 years ago. Back Row 2nd left, ? O’Leary (her two brothers are most likely in this picture too). 2nd Row – L to R, Tina Goodman, Anne Arif, Penelope Duffield, ?, ?, ?, ?, Jimmy David, Linda Hall, Clive McGuire. Front Row – L to R, ?, ?, Meraid McGuinley, ?, Therase Clayton, Katherine Endicott, ?, sorry none of the boys, Susan Man, Elizabeth Adams, Sheila ?, Kim Kruger, Anne Webber, Nicola Banham. Not too bad. 16 of them saved from obscurity.

    By Marshman (11/12/2012)
  • Well done Janet, I remember being in the play and I recognise some of my class mates and it’s just fascinating after 34 years! I can add a surname to Sheila Daubney, next to Kim Kruger in the front row. That’s me, Adrienne Dobak, behind Kim Kruger, in the tinsel with the short dark hair(end of row on the right hand). I also have fond memories of Mr Colvert who encouraged my love of drawing and a life long appreciation of the fine arts! He also entrusted me to run up the road tothe newsagent to get his packet of 10 cigarettes! couldn’t do that now! The Moran sisters were phenomenal! so community minded! very talented.  I was scared of the school teacher one! but she was our Brown Owl at Brownies and I came to love and respect her. Does anyone out there know what became of Sue Hassan and her family?

    By Adrienne Dobak (06/10/2014)
  • Gosh I have just come across this wonderful photo from 1969, which I am in. I can remember the staging being built & painted, & the many practices we all had & the buzz of it being my last show at St Joseph’s. I am peeping out behind Tina Goodman Kerry Bunce now Kerry Hunt, (not Anne Arif?).

    By Kerry Hunt (19/12/2019)
  • Oh my what a great picture, just looking at it I remember it. I am center 2nd row back short brown hair, standing next to Teresa Fulham to my left and Patricia De Cruz to my right. Mr Colvert was my teacher in 3rd year and always gave me great support with sport, especially swimming. They were special days with great memories.

    By Helen O’Sullivan (Nee Nunn) (10/01/2024)

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