School Attendance at the Village school 1900s

School Attendance at the Village school

In the early 1900’s the Village school was located opposite the Church. At this time the other end of the Island “Leigh Beck” started to be built up and the Children would have to walk to the Village to attend school. About 1911, the authorities started to think about building a new school in a central part of the Island. The church and a number of other residents wanted a second school in Leigh beck. the authorities thought the Church school was not good enough.

The image shows the attendance record at the Village school.

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  • When my Dad, Aubrey came to Canvey at the age of 5yrs in 1920 they were unable to give him a place at the Village School for an unknown number (to us) of years so it is quite likely that he did not receive any formal education until the Long Rd School was built (the family have no evidence of him attending a private ‘Dames’ school ‘i.e. Miss Gwen Evans). In later life he was found to be dyslexic anyway so quite probably in those days he was regarded as being backward. However either during his few years at Long Rd or his own efforts he overcame these difficulties and although still suffering from dyslexia he became fully competent in reading of any complexity and write in his own style. Through his interest in Canvey history he was able to pass on masses of information by his own collection of memorabilia and was a founder member, probably instigator, of the original Canvey Historical Society. Graham Stevens.

    By Graham (23/02/2022)

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