Canvey Secondary School 1954-55

Michael, Sylvia & Joyce, Head Master Mr Watkin's car

This photo was taken during a photography lesson, just before the School changed to William Reed School.

Christmas Cake decorating completion also at Canvey Secondary School

First prize went to Maureen Hall third from the right, second prize Sylvia Pullan second from right, third prize Barbara Wooding, I still have my Good Housekeeping book I won.

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  • Gosh I remember making those Christmas cakes, Mrs Potter I think was our teacher or was it Littlejohn ? we were hard up and my mother reluctantly gave me a 10/- for all the ingredients. I thought mine was the best ever , I iced it down to the silver board and did not put a ribbon or frill on , but stood two white chalk bears on the silver board and iced the top , I was sad I did not win and not even a comment loll, when mother brought the cake to the table Christmas night telling everyone Margaret, made this at school , BUT when we cut it , it was the driest and hardest cake ever seen , glad to say have made many better cakes since them , wedding birthdays etc, thank goodness

    By MARGARET (27/10/2013)
  • It was Olive Littlejohn, she had jet black, very thin and always miserable!!! Nice to see some girls I went to school with.

    By Jill Phillips. (08/02/2014)
  • Nice to see an old photo of my win, yes I won that competition and still have the prize which was a cake turntable and it now resides here in Australia.
    Maureen Reeve (nee Hall)

    By MaureenReeve (20/07/2021)

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