Canvey Island Secondary School (William Read)

The year 1952

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  • Great photo, I would be interested to know whether Ronnie Bird is related to Brian Bird ( Dickie ), because when I left that school in 1949, Brian and I had just finished installing the electric bell system that replaced the old hand bell system!!  I can still see “Slasher” Eales ringing the class changes with the old hand held bell!!  From then on, all he had to do was press a button located outside his door.!!!

    By Gerald Hudson (02/12/2016)
  • The old bell is in the Heritage Centre (St Katherine’s) Gerald.

    By Janet Penn (02/12/2016)
  • Jill Phillips (now Blackwell) has added the following names:

    No.4 top  row Robert Smith, 2nd row Janet Embery, Anne Jackson, Jean Ballard,  Linda, Josie Jackson, Jacqueline Hills, No.8 Barbara Spiers, last one Maureen ? (she lived up the point) 3rd row No.7 was Joan Proops, bottom row No.4 was Stuart ? No.6 was Dennis Smith and No.7 was Robert White. Cannot remember those 3 surnames but I will eventually!

    By Maureen Buckmaster (07/12/2016)

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