County Secondary School

Photo Dated 1949

County Secondary School 1949
Rod Bishop

This great photo was taken in 1949 outside County Secondary School, later to be known as Canvey Secondary Modern School and then William Read School.

It was lent to us by Rod Bishop. Are you in this picture or can do you recognise anyone? Please comment below.

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  • I think the girl second from left in the back row, is Moira Harris. Her sister Georgette Harris, ran Georgette’s Juveniles Dancing School and I used to belong to that at the same time as Moira.

    By Irene Bailey (nee Woodhouse) (20/01/2011)
  • I agree Irene, the girl is Moira Harris and I can add some more names, back row left to right, Norma Smith, Moira Harris, –?–, –?–, Kitty Bartlett, —Went, Kathy Smith, Valerie Taylor,–?–, Margaret Warner, –?–. Middle row left to right, –?–,David Riodene, –?–, –?–, Myself, Fred Hussey, George Cole,–?–. Next row left to right, Gordan Boobyer, –?–, –?–, –?–, –?–, Pam Pontin, Sue Wakefield, David Morgan.Bottom row left to right,–?–,Micheal ? , –?–, Joe Collins, Bernard Bibby.

    By Tony Matthews (22/01/2011)

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