School Photo circa1954

Long Rd Secondary School

Class Photo circa 1954

Frank has identified some of the faces in the picture in a comment at the bottom of the page, can you add any more? Please add a comment below.

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  • Have you any names to add to the picture Frank?

    By Janet Penn (27/09/2009)
  • Are you in this photo?
    I am second from the right on the back row

    By Frank Liddicott (27/09/2009)
  • Hi Janet
    Yes I have some of the names and am trying to find the rest
    Top Row from left
    !st Derek Rogers 4th Victor Long
    6th Bill Blainey 9th Me
    Second row from left
    2nd Jean Theobold 4th Eileen Skinner 8th Sheila Bishop
    Third row from left
    3rd Vera Wellman 4th Joy lynch 6th Valery Moss
    Front Row from left
    2nd Tony Frost 5th Mick Miller 6th Terry Meech
    thats all I know for certain

    By Frank Liddicott (27/09/2009)
  • No Frank I am not in the photo. I am one of the editors.
    Thanks for adding your pictures. If you can add as much info as possible makes a better page.

    By Janet Penn (27/09/2009)
  • Just a thought
    I believe the teacher standing to the left is Mr Watkins(fred) the head master although we’d never dare call him that.

    By Frank Liddicott (27/09/2009)
  • I’ve found some more names with the help of Derek Rogers
    Top row from left
    2nd Norman McAllen 3rd Mickey Dunn 5th Peter Hamblin 7th Robert Dean 8th Stuart Kimber.
    Second row from left
    1st Maureen Smith 3rd Valerie Smeadon 5th Maureen Golding 6th I believe is Maureen Pattel 7th Pat Phillips
    Third Row from the left
    1st Daphne Long 2nd Joy Maltby 5th Betty Smith 7th Barbara Harrison 8th Pauline Pagliaro 9th Janet Watts
    Front Row from the left
    !st Kenneth Grimsey 3rd Roger Smith 4th Horst Buchoister 8th Tony Saunders
    I do hope you can insert these names in the right order or would you need me to right them out again?

    By Frank Liddicott (02/10/2009)
  • I believe 1st row number 10 is Alan Jennings

    By mikey (20/11/2009)
  • Thanks Mikey you’re right I missed him out.
    The only person I don’t know the name of is the girl number nine in the second row next to Sheila Bishop.

    By Frank Liddicott (05/12/2009)
  • Would like to update the names list for this photo,I have all the names now. Top row L to R Derek Rodgers,Norman McAllen,Mickey Dunn,Victor Long, Peter Hamblin,William Blainey,Robert Dean,Stuart Kimber,Frank Liddicott,Alan Jennings. 2nd row L to R Jean Topp,Jean Theobald,Valerie Smeadon,Eileen Skinner, Maureen Goulding,Maureen Patel,Pat Phillips,Sheila Bishop,Maureen Harris,Norman Bucannen. 3rd row L to R Daphne Long,Joy Maltby,Vera Wellman,Joy Lynch,Betty Smith, Valerie Moss, Barbara Harrison, Pauline Pagliaro, Janet Watts, Front Row L to R Kenneth Grimsey, Tony Frost, Roger Smith, Horst Buchoister, Mick Miller, Terry Meech, Tony Saunders,

    By Frank Liddicott (30/03/2014)
  • What a surprise to see this, I have this in my school album. But notice my name is spelt wrong, ha ho. 

    By Valerie Smeaden (29/07/2015)
  • Hi Valerie  do you remember me and the  white mice ?

    By Margaret Day Ne WILSON (16/08/2015)

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