William Read School c1927-8

Where are they now?

Class of 1927-28 William Reed School. The Headmaster William Read is far right
Richard Powell

Thanks to Richard Powell for lending us this photo taken of the class of 1927-28 at ‘William Reed’ school. The girl in the middle marked with a cross is Edith Bone.

Richard’s wife Edith (nee Bone) was born in the village post office, the midwife who attended at her birth was Miss Dorothy Stevens, an aunt of Aubrey Stevens of the Stevens Bakery.

Edith’s grandfather used to farm the Oysterfleet farm and her father married into an old village family who ran the Post Office and Village Stores.

Can anyone name the other children in the class. A grandmother or grandfather perhaps. Who were the teachers?

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  • Thanks to Richard Powell for the loan of this Photo to Jan. I have looked through the Photos the late Eileen ‘Girly’ Jackson lent us and have found three William Reed Group Photos including a similar copy of this one – with some names on the back!

    Here numbered 1 (top left) to 49 (bottom right) are what there is:

    Top Row: 1.Miss Mott 8.Jim Dingley 11.Les Allen 12.Mr Reed
    2nd Row: 17.Iris Wilkinson 18.Doris Allen
    3rd Row: 29.Gladys Crick 36.Maud Green?
    Bottom Row: 45.Frost?

    By David Bullock (15/05/2008)

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