Green shoots

After the fire

At last I have managed to get round to see some of the damage caused by the fires near the Dutch Village and West Marsh area. Following the heavy rains there are now green shoots sprouting. Looking towards the school it is looking very green where it had been blackened. When you are right there you can see how close the fire came to the houses. Looking west over the marshes and you can see right over to Basildon. I do not think I have seen that for many a year.

Looking towards Cornelius

Near the roundabout

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  • Great photos. Goes to show as nature comes back !!to reminds us all. Who the governor is.!!! We are all guests here. So let’s respect what we have. And look after all our country side. Because we dont no how long it will be there for us to enjoy !!!!!!!!!! Make the most of it everyone’s. As we dont no what’s around the corner for us all.

    By Gary Foulger (21/09/2022)

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