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I moved from Canvey in 1981 and seeing the photos and reading some of the names has brought a tear to my eye I was a member of 1st Canvey Girls' Brigade and played the bugle in the joint band. What a wonderful childhood I had with GB and the church.

By Janet Blundell
On 07/03/2009

Wow, such memories. I joined the Junior section around 1976 and was part of the real "Invincibles" (sorry Arsenal) football team that the wonderful Mrs Seaton and the inspirational Derrick put together. Ah, Mrs Barrett. A such a strict, yet kind lady. I remember at 7yrs old we were all scared of her, by 10 we adored her. I remember her inviting a few of us over to her house for tea so we could study for our scripture exams. Still remember the meal - baked beans, mash and sausages - heaven.

With all the names mentioned above (the Storey's....and their baby daughter Ruth with the bright blonde hair) reading this article has left me with a question about the author - could Doris Flaherty be the one and only Dot, whose daughter (Hillary)  had the speedy little Mini and came with us to Deal and Ramsgate camps?

By Phil Jarvis
On 12/03/2017

Hi Phil, In answer to your question I think the Dot you are referring to is my Auntie Dot, Dot Stevens who was a Cabin Boys/ Life Boys leader at that time . I'm pleased to tell you that that at the age of 91 she is still going strong with as much energy as you would remember her from that era. Also just a couple of weeks ago I had a chance meeting with my cousin Hillary at Tarpots. At the time she was driving a multi-seat people- carrier which I believe has been an essential type of vehicle for many years to transport her multitude of offspring(I lost count after seven) now plus grandchildren. Frequently to be seen around the Thundersley area still in 'speedy Mini' mode.

By Graham Stevens
On 12/03/2017

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