Tubs get new lick of paint

Published local paper October 9, 2002

Photos from Vince Heatherson’s collection. Canvey 2000 and Furtherwick School are no more but the tubs are still there and are looking delightful.


Flower power has taken hold of Canvey.

Students from Furtherwick Park School, Canvey, have pledged to carry on the work started by members of the seafront regeneration group, Canvey 2000 to perk up 12 of the island’s flower tubs.

Canvey 2000 chairman Councillor Dennis Williams said: “At the last meeting of Canvey East Area Forum people were very concerned about the bad state of things like the flower beds in Canvey Town Centre.

“In front of Furtherwick Park School there are 12 concrete flower tubs which were in a very poor condition.

“Although Canvey 2000 has concentrated on Canvey seafront in the past, we have turned our attention to the town centre.

“Ten volunteers went down and painted the tubs and replanted them with some nice winter pansies.”

On seeing the results, Mr Williams told how Furtherwick Park School readily offered to maintain and water the flowers, as well as look after planting them in future.

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  • Sham that once the cameras have gone so do the participants and all good intentions

    By thom (21/10/2018)
  • That is a very unfair comment Thom. Canvey 2000 did a great deal for many years. Nothing to do with cameras.

    By Janet Penn (21/10/2018)
  • Yes I agree, unfair and thoughtless. If it hadn’t been for the volunteers in the Canvey 2000 group the seafront regeneration would never have started and look how popular it is now with residents and visitors alike. If Thom has nothing positive to say perhaps he should refrain from commenting at all.

    By Janet Walden (22/10/2018)

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