Mother's family bungalow

Further to Mike’s photos and drawings of Rosberg he has also sent more photos of his grandparents holiday home.

These photos were taken at Mike’s mother’s family holiday home. There is a name over the front door but we cannot pick it out from these photos. Mike thinks it reads ‘East Beach’.

Mike's mum with her parents Charles and Minnie Stockbridge at the front of the bungalow
Back of the bungalow
Mike's mum and dad with his grandmother in 1938

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  • I wonder if this property could have been “Rest Haven”. It is a property that was in the vicinity of Rosberg and has a name based upon two parts. The geometry would work from the original picture of Rosberg if you assume some error in the building properties on the OS maps.

    The front door of “Rest Haven” faced North in to WAMBURG Road. It occupied the current day plots of 16 and 18 Wamburg road. The back garden facing South. To get from “Rosberg” to “Rest Haven” you would have to just cross a small field of about 50 yards (45 metres) in a Northerly direction.

    I will check when I get home to see if this property existed within the correct timescales.

    By Martin Lepley (12/05/2023)

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