Incident at Canvey

Local couple's rescue work

Mr and Mrs Munday, two Willesdon High road residents, who have a houseboat at Canvey island, had an exciting adventure on Sunday, when they helped rescue a couple of yachtsmen from a capsized vessel.

The water suddenly became very rough and Mrs Munday noticed the yacht in distress. She and her husband were cruising with another couple and they raced to the spot to find that the capsized yacht could not right itself and the two occupants were up to their chests in water.

Mr Owens, a Canvey osteopath, struggled desperately to prevent the tall mast of the yacht from damaging the cruiser, whilst Mr Munday, a London Transport engineer, fought the waves and hauled the yachtsmen aboard with difficulty.

Mrs Munday helped to keep the towed dinghy from injuring the yachtsmen by holding it away with a pole.

The two yachtsmen, wet and cold, were landed about a mile away at Chalkwell and a rescue launch towed the yacht back to Southend.

Said Mrs Munday afterwards: “On the return to Canvey, the water could not have been calmer and it seemed impossible that such a change could take place so quickly. The yachtsmen told us how relieved they were to see our cruiser alter course, as it might have been a long time before they were picked up, although they were wearing ‘Sabrinas’”.

Kath says: At the time she (her mum Phyllis)knew nothing about this until it came out in the paper.  It had to be in the late 50’s early 60’s as dad used to go out on a Sunday fishing with Mr Venables. I think she was pretty horrified when she read it as he had put himself in danger.

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