Interview with Aubrey Stevens

Interviewed at home 'New Dunmow House' 1 Gafzelle Drive 1983

Aubrey Stevens Interview

This video footage of an interview with my father, Aubrey Stevens was re-discovered by my brother, Chris, a couple of years ago. It had been amongst the large collection of documents, post-cards and Canvey History memorabilia which my Dad had collected over the years which, unfortunately, became dispersed after his death in 1986. We believe it was recorded in 1983 but we do not have any precise knowledge of the organisation which conducted the interview. Many thanks to Mike Machin for transferring this from V.H.S. format to enable us to publish on the Archive. Graham.


If anyone knows who made this video and who owns the copyright please let us know.

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  • Can I hear gease in the background?!

    By David Bullock (25/01/2010)
  • Ha Ha, Dave. Yes you can, they were the Chinese geese on the piece of land next to my Dad’s which we called ”the patch”. My Dad and nephew Paul Stacey kept a bit of a mini farmyard there with rabbits, chickens,Indian Runner ducks a couple of ordinary geese and those flipping Chinese type. It was quite an attraction for local mums and toddlers but I think the neighbours complained about those geese and eventually they had to go. Graham.

    By Graham Stevens (26/01/2010)
  • Mr Stevens was a friend of my mothers. Very nice to see the old gentleman again. He was what Mr Cameron would call an ‘active citizen’ and did a lot of work to support community activity on the Island. Thank you for sharing this clip.

    By Rich (13/04/2011)
  • Hello Graham. I remember Aubrey well. He brings back wonderful memories. He made the best bread on the island:)

    By Theresa Brodrick. (17/11/2013)

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