An Interesting Photo

But who, when, where etc

Anyone got any ideas?

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  • Could this be the old IYC Yacht Club on Smallgains Creek .You can see the Benfleet Downs in the background 


    By Jane Parkin (21/11/2017)
  • That’s the area I was thinking Jane

    By Janet Penn (21/11/2017)
  • Looks like a swimming competition or club. There was a swimming pool in Small Gains creek. It was at the current sluice outlet from Croppenburg Lake.

    In fact, just searched this site and the building looks like the place on this page here.

    By Martin Lepley (22/11/2017)
  • With the same two flags!! Well spotted Martin. It is the area where I thought it was but I did not remember this photo with the flags.

    By Janet Penn (22/11/2017)
  • Both photos seem to be of the same event and the who?might suggest a Scottish connection as flag on the right is the Lion Rampant of Bonnie Scotland.

    By Graham Stevens (26/11/2017)
  • Or it could just be flown because the licensee is Scottish Graham his name is A. McCrerie.

    By Janet Penn (26/11/2017)
  • Ah Ha. Good point, Jan.

    By Graham Stevens (27/11/2017)

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