Great Postcard from the 1950s

with new seawall

This is a great Valentine postcard from the 1950s. It shows the post flood seawall and it is very clear around the seating area at Labworth which is no longer there.

In the distance you can see the tanks from the Gas and oil depots. If you look very carefully you can see the Canvey Lady navigation mast and the gun emplacements at Canvey Fort.

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  • Seeing that new steel sea wall reminds me of a difficult arrangement at our house, 1 Marine Approach during  early times following the great flood. My parents rented a room at our house to one of the super – intendants in charge of the steel pile driving being carried out just East of the Lobster Smack. He turned out to be a rather difficult tenant, especially the hours he kept!! My dear Mom was never sure as to when to have a hot meal ready, his coming  and goings were all over the place!! Which was probably due to his job, however, I believe that we all gave a sigh of relief when he moved on.

    By Gerald Hudson (12/11/2015)

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