Death of the last B17 collision survivor

Richard 'Dick' Andrews

Richard ‘Dick’ Andrews was a member of the crew of Heavenly Body II, the B17 that crashed into the Thames to the east of the Point following the collision.

Dick died last week aged 99. The archive has been very fortunate to have direct contact with him and his family for many years. His memories and photos appear on this site.

We had planned,  when the inevitable happened, to arrange some sort of service at the Point. Unfortunately with the works happening shortly on the seawall we decided instead to have a low key service on the day of his funeral. So today myself, my colleague, Janet Walden and Rev Marion Walford stood on the freezing but sunny seawall at the Point and said goodbye to Dick – joining his crew at last.

We played the song ‘That Old Black Magic’ the song Dick’s fellow crew member Louie would sing on their return flight from a bombing mission.

RIP Dick

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  • God bless Richard. Your crew and plane incident back in 1944. Helped me make new friends in the research of this tragic incident. Back in 1978 .I did not think all the years later. That peoples were still interested. And friends I made and loved and lost over them.years in my research. Now all the b17 crew are flying high together. RIP. God bless them were part of most of my my quest. Xx we will not forget you young brave Airmen. Of the 379th. Heavenly body. American army air force. Thank you all. You cared for us in WW2 now we care for YOU.xxxx

    By Gary cavel Foulger (20/01/2023)
  • What a moving tribute, and a nice response from Gary C. Foulger. Nice to hear Richard Andrews lived a long life (99 years), especially as a survivor of the collision and war.

    Poignant listening to the song ‘That Old Black Magic’.


    By RiaSunflower (04/10/2023)
  • Those are very poignant pictures, Janet. Our thanks to all three of you for making Dick’s funeral day an even more special event. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time and the trouble, and for displaying such unmitigated love for the crew and for Dick. Absolutely wonderful of each of you, Janet. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    David Tarbox
    (son in law)

    By David Tarbox (12/04/2024)
  • Thank you David that means a lot.

    By Janet Penn (12/04/2024)

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