Leigh Beck Junior School

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I went to Leigh Beck Juniors from 1973 to 1977. I remember having Mr. Mutton when I was in the third year, but I can’t remember the other teachers I had, I wish I could.

I remember my dad helping to build the swimming pool, he helped make the wooden benches in the changing rooms. I was proud when I passed my 25 metre and 50 metre certificates for swimming especially as dad had helped.

I also remember passing cycling profiency in the front playground.

There were also good christmas plays I was usually in the choir I was shy at acting.  My dad was also known for making some of the props for the school plays like wooden swords when there was a play about Sir Walter Raleigh who my younger brother played.

There was usually good participation in the sports days, I also remember doing country dancing out on the front field if the weather was nice and in the hall if the weather was bad.

The school discos were also very good and I can remember going to one following a thunder storm and we were told the caretakers house had been struck by lightning. We still had a good disco.

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  • I would have been there the same time as Janet. My teachers by year were Mrs Naylor , Miss Langstone, Mrs Brown (who was Miss Johnson I believe) and Mrs Shorney (not sure spelling is correct). I seem to recall there were 2 or 3 classes in each school year. I think Mr Groves had the another 4th year class , I also recall a Miss Wilson, Mr Baker, Mr De Cruz (poss 3rd year). Headmistress was Mrs Milligan (I’ll never forget assembly each morning where we had to say ‘Good Morning Mrs Milligan Good Morning everyone.’! Perhaps some of these will help jog your memory.

    By David King (22/02/2010)
  • I was in Janet’s brothers class – Mr De Cruz’s class. We put on the Elizabeathen pageant. I had a horrendous stutter but Mr De Cruz put me in the play anyway and I was word perfect. I will always remember him for that. I remember Mrs Milligan also – I distinctly remmber an assembly where she gave us all a lecture on how many squares of toilet paper we should use.

    By Claire Lewis (nee Edridge) (13/04/2010)
  • I was in Mr De Cruz’s class, (3rd year) must of been the mid 80’s I remember him teaching us Shakespeare through out the year and everyone going on a sponsored walk around the Canvey Island sea wall, i also remember a Mrs Wilson and a Mrs Keeble, “Good morning Mrs Milligan Good Morning everyone lol then sing hymns from the projector slides

    By Leon Howard (Bennett) (14/09/2012)
  • I was in Mr De Cruz’s class (4th year) in 1981.  He was the best teacher I have ever had.  He was also one of the strictest and I can remember getting the ruler twice!! His enthusiasm for teaching and for performing arts was inspirational. We studied the Merchant of Venice and recorded this at a television studio. I can remember coming top of the class in some tests with Bradley Staines which was remarkable as I am certainly not an academic, but I probably learnt more in that year than the whole of my secondary education!!

    By Debrah Rawsthorne (nee Storrie) (17/06/2018)

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