Mr Read and Staff

William Read School

Mr Read and Staff

Alma Gosling (1906-1963)and her sister Louisa Gosling (1908-1984) were teachers at this school. Alma is third from right, back row, Louisa is second from the left back row.

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  • I do not know the date of this photograph. I know that Alma Gosling left in 1936 to marry, as one of my photographs is from Empire Day 1931, Alma and Louisa were working at this school for at least five years.

    By Rose Smalley (01/02/2013)
  • I attended Long Rd Primary School and can remember Miss.Gosling teaching me. I would have been about 9 or 10yrs old. She also taught my mother. From the photo I believe it to be Louisa, but she was obviously a lot older when she taught me. I don’t recall her at William Read when I left Long Road Primary. I was at William Read until they built Furtherwick Park.

    By Sandra Curtis (02/02/2013)

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