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I was so pleased to see these pictures of the Model Village, I spent many a happy hour in there. I used to imagine living in the models and used to stand there and wish in earnest that I be made small. How Times fly

By Margaret Day ne WILSON
On 18/10/2010

I used to enjoy visiting the model village on day trips to canvey in the 1950's, especially the railway. By the time of my final visit, circa 1960, the coaches (three only by then) had been relegated to a siding at the station, and only the engine ran. The owner told us about it. It was a Bassett-Lowke model of a "Tilbury Tank", gauge 1. Due to its intensive use it had been through several motors. He used 24V government surplus motors designed for operating the gun cameras used in WWII fighter aircraft. Happy days!

By Ronald Camp
On 16/12/2012

I have very fond memories of seeing the model villiage as a youngster in the 70's, on holiday each year with my grandparents. We visited Canvey in the early 80's to find the model villiage had disappeared! sadly, I think we were told that some yobs had smashed it up one night, such a shame as it had been there for so long.

By Paul Nash
On 18/09/2013