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Hi Paul,
first, let me thoroughly endorse Graham’s request. An account of your career would be fascinating. Regarding your request re: bands at the Lobster Smack, I was reminded of a photograph shared by my friend Denny Mory on his FB page. With his kind permission, I attach it here. It is s shot of the Fenders, you will remember that this was another band from the youth centre, playing outside the Smack in around 1963. Den is left of the mike. Perhaps this is the event you recall? Elsewhere, you asked about a left-handed guitarist. I asked Denny and he agrees with me that the only person we can think of is Wilko Johnson, known back then as John Wilkinson and playing with the Roamers. Wilko is naturally left-handed, but taught himself to play the guitar right-handed, which he does to this day. Incidentally, another shot of Den can be found on this site under the Central Heating Big Band chapter. Keep safe. Tony Maguire.

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  • Hi Mike
    Great photo. I watched bands a little later, maybe 1965 to 1967. The band that had the left handed guitar player had a WEM joker amp which I bought from him. Great amp, wish I still had it.
    I do have some info on my music career that I can share. Just trying to work out how to get it to you.

    By Paul Andrew Smith (03/02/2021)
  • I think my cousin, Kevin Brunt was a drummer with The Fenders, perhaps later in the 1960′. We have some silent 8mm film of them playing outside the Lobster Smack which I have not seen in years. Will have to get it digitised and shared. Later he played with Granny Grunts Knitting Circle which was shortened to Granny Grunt and later Granny. I still have their single, Lady.

    By Barry Lee (13/12/2022)

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