Two seawall photos but when?

Can you guess

Two more calendar photos. This time of work on the seawall. Can you tell us when and where? Please comment below.

1953 wall
1980s wall

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  • Poss eastern esplanade, Seaview to the Right

    By Sparrow (15/06/2020)
  • I was on this section along sea front, the box shutter were to bolt together for concert to be pump into.we did one wall gap one wall gap.then back to concert gaps. We had people upset when piles were bang in ,each sheet pile was 45feet long and clipped together. As there houses got cracked and pictures came off the walls.also some houses can not see over the sea wall anymore.!!!!!. One of the cranes went sailing in thames.and one went over in road.bottom of Lee’s cafe.!!! Great work in summer.but not nice in winter. Was engineer the sea wall was now safe hight for thousand years!!!!!!! Each sea wall had concrete cube taken away to test..from sample of cement from each wall we had just pumped concrete into.the shutter that was large steel side of a boat that we bolted 2 halfs together one sea ward side and one land side.together.then.pour.concrete. and float top sighed the corner my last wall.still there today. Reads. .gary.c.foulger..23rd.november..1982.

    By Gary Foulger (18/06/2022)
  • My dad his brother and my 2 brother’s worked on the creek section of the wall with r.d.l. in late 70s early 80s

    By Roz Clark (01/10/2023)

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