Canvey's Bay Watch Group

What a great job they are doing

Some of the group helping to clean up Thorney Bay Beach
Thorney Bay you can see the difference
Janet Penn
So much clearer
Janet Penn
More like a beach
Janet Penn
Shame it was cold I might have had a paddle
Janet Penn

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  • Congratulations to the Bay watch group,great job.!!  Brings back memories from 1941 when, between air raids, our little group, from the Parkway and the Driveway, would go to “Dead Mans Bay” (Thorney Bay) to swim. If the tide was out we would first smother ourselves in that beautiful Bay mud, which was supposed to have good health qualities, then lay in the sun and let it dry to a “caked on” situation.  As the tide came in we would go swimming to wash our “health treatment” off. Great fun.!!!  The Bay watch group have returned the area to look the way it did in those days…….thank goodness.

    By Gerald Hudson (23/12/2014)

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