Beck Road

George Brown's Album

George and Hilda outside George's bungalow. About 1980.
Date unknown. Probably Beck Road. You can see some of the old bungalows.
Great photo of some of the old bungalows. Where? Beck Road perhaps.
I would think taken from George's bungalow looking south towards the seawall.

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  • Yes , all of these photos seem to have been taken in different decades in Beck Rd . In the second one you can see the old Leigh Beck ( Claydon’s) farmhouse in the distance. The clinker post flood road seems to be in pretty good condition so I guess it’s mid to late 50s. Photo 3 taken later(road made up), I’m not 100 per cent but I think the guy standing by the car is the visiting local chiropodist. Anybody help out with his name?

    By Graham Stevens (15/02/2020)

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