'Napier', Crescent Road


Janine Ford
Janine Ford
Photo of one of the unusual gate posts still there today.
Liam Heatherson

Janine’s family at the bungalow called ‘Napier’ in Crescent Road.

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  • Hello there, you are correct this is indeed Napier Villa that was situated at the top of Marcus / San Remo Road facing on to Crescent Road. But this was not our family home – it belonged to a family friend, Mrs Dockerill (spelling?). We used to travel down by motorbike and sidecar from South Tottenham and stay for our week’s summer holiday. The photo shows my mum and dad (Sonny and Dorothy Arscott) and my Nanna Arscott. I reckon I was about 2 years old as no little sister! So 1950 then. We continued our holidays to Canvey until 1956 when we moved to Canvey, coincidently a few bungalows away from Napier Villa in San Remo Road.

    By Janine Ford (14/02/2021)
  • We have the Dockerill family plus photos on another page Janine. There is nothing here to suggest it was your family home.

    By Janet Penn (14/02/2021)

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