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Windjammer and Waters Edge

The Windjammer. Flats now occupy the ground to the right
Ernest Cutler
Waters Edge. This whole are has now been redeveloped
Ernest Cutler
Ernest Cutler

More photos from the late Ernest Cutler taken early 1980s.

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  • The Goldmine

    By Dave Bullock (25/03/2013)
  • Its been know by several names over the years

    By Janet Penn (25/03/2013)
  • Including “The Bay Country Club”….1940’s early 50’s

    By Gerald Hudson (26/03/2013)
  • I think it was Bay Country Club much later than that. An older brother was a member and I went there with him and my Dad to celebrate my 21st in 1969. Was the guy that owned named Baker? I’ll ask my brother.

    By Tony Maguire (27/03/2013)
  • Yes Tony, you are probably right about that. My father’s dance band “The Nightspots” played there from the late 40’s early 50’s and from my memory, a lady seemed to be the manageress during that period. We moved to Canada in 1953 and I learned, much later, that my cousin Chris Hill had a lot to do with “The Bay Country Club” being re-named “The Goldmine” in the ealy 70’s. The “Goldmine” story has been well documented in these archives

    By Gerald Hudson (28/03/2013)
  • Hello The lady manager in the 50s wasc Mrs Cary, Don’t know if the spelling is correct but we used to hire roller skates from her on the dance floor on Sundays Regards Sparrow

    By sparrow (28/03/2013)
  • Had a chat with my brother Peter who was a member of the Bay Country Club in the 1960’s. The owner then was Harry Baker-Brown. Peter thinks he took up the reins sometime in the mid 60’s. Sadly, Harry died of cancer around 1970. Peter remembered that Harry had a son who managed the English Olympic Judo team. I believe that this was Cliff Baker-Brown who seems to have been big in Judo circles (in more ways than one) and associated with clubs in Basildon and Thundersley, although I found a surprising paucity of information regarding this gent on the ‘net. However, I have found a possible relative from whom I await clarification. I’ll post anything more that I find about this potential Canvey link with Olympic Judo.

    By Tony Maguire (29/03/2013)
  • You’re right about the judo connection, Tony. Cliff Baker Brown and the judo club used to train at Waterside when it first opened in the late 1970s. There was also a woman who trained with them and I think she was also a black belt. I can’t remember her name.

    By Maureen Buckmaster (30/03/2013)
  • Hi, Yes Cliff used to Run the Judo club called the Olympic Judo Club at Waterside Farm. I was one of his students. Cliff passed away several years ago though Leslie is about and ok not sure about Beryl. HTH…

    By Paul Gordon (08/05/2013)
  • Hi, I have a picture of Cliff standing between my Brother and I taken in 1982: – http://www.mill-judo-club.co.uk/Olympic/Paul-Cliff-Ian.jpg Here another with Dave Starbrook (Olympic Silver Medallist) http://www.raf.mod.uk/rafjudo/gallery/historyimages.cfm He run the Southern Region and the British squad as Interim Manager when Brian Jacks resigned. Before Arthur Map took over.

    By paul gordon (08/05/2013)
  • Just been looking at things about all this and judo, I belive these names was my grandad and great grandad never new it was all on here, was told about the stories but never new ??

    By Justin baker-brown (17/03/2014)
  • I was a member of the Olympic Judo Club; I was also married to Cliff’s sister Kathy. We had many adventures; both on the mat and off. I would very happy to talk about Cliff.

    By Peter Daly (19/04/2014)
  • Just having a chat with Kathy; I’ve explained that some of Cliff’s closer students are thinking of producing a history of the Olympic Judo Club; she thinks it would be a good idea and has quite a few photographs of the main team and club members, not to mention of the man himself. Anyone wishing to know more can contact me at joekerrsforge@googlemail.com  Regards Peter Daly

    By Peter Daly (27/04/2014)
  • Hope you submit it to the Archive when its done.

    By Janet Penn (27/04/2014)
  • Hi all, I’m Shaun Lafferty My Dad Terry Lafferty, Gragham Gill ? & Arthur Fisk ran the club out of Tarpots pub in the early 70, had my left arm broken aged 5 :-),  It then went to Appleton School for a why then down to Waterside. I remember training with Beryl, Lesile Peter D & the man himself .   

    By Shaun Lafferty (21/09/2014)
  • Used to go to waters edge on Sunday morning back in 1970 saw Mike Reid live there several times great venue loved Canvey then bought a house 1 Walkways off Link Road build by Lawrence homes. There was a saying two firms owned Canvey the Kings country club and Lawrence homes happy days

    By john whittle (27/08/2018)
  • I worked in the Waters Edge in ’71 as Pot boy ( i was 16) while they were preparing the Gold Mine underneath. I used to have a cup of tea with the builders in my break. Saw Mike Reid a couple of times but there were better comedians on there . All he did was say ‘ we know where you’re going ‘ not very funny after the 10th time…

    By Phil Roof (07/09/2018)

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