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Canvey's Youth

Brian Beasley chairman of Canvey Council presenting my sister Beverley Payne, Gillian Deliue Ann Burridge and myself Janet Payne bouquets of flowers in thanks for being able to give a letter of thanks to The Burgomaster of Nijmegen thanking the people of The Netherlands for all the help they gave the people of Canvey during the 1953 floods. We were able to do that whilst taking part in the Nijmegen marches which is 100 Mile March that takes place over 4 days marching in the shape of a 4 leaf glover with 30.000 other service men and women from 21 different countries marching in unison together to remind us that we must live in peace and harmony following WW11 and remembering the atrocities that happened especially in The Netherlands including the famous Arnhem drop. I enjoyed the experience including blisters, cramps, drinking black tea and coffee with a teaspoon of salt in it. 🤢so much that I went back and did it again the next year.
Lots of Canvey youth organisations represented here year roughly 1965. From left to right I’m the 6th guide in.
Janet Cotgrove

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  • I am one of the Sea Rangers in white shirt wearing glasses. Marion Chambers then Hanman now.

    By Marion Hanman (08/04/2021)

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