Auxiliary Sloop for the Thames Estuary

A 26-footer of New Design Constructed at an Essex Yard

Elevation and accommodation plans of the 26-ft sloop

Published January 1948 in the Motor Boat and Yachting Magazine.
The article reads:

AN auxiliary sloop, designed by Mr. A. G. Dalgarno, has been built by the Dauntless Co., Canvey Bridge, South Benfleet.  The craft, which is 26 ft. overall in length, is intended for use in the Thames Estuary. She has been given a comparatively deep draught and ample beam.

Clinker construction was employed in this case, although the design is arranged so that the carvel method can be used if desired. In this instance the owner showed a preference for clinker planking, and although this is of pine, a substantial hull has been produced. The finished effect is, perhaps, not as graceful as if carvel planking had been used, but the hull is very strong. 

Scantlings are of ample proportions for the type of craft; there are grown frames placed at intervals with intermediate oak timbers. Keel, stem, deadwoods, floors, etc., are also of English Oak. Copper fastenings have been used. The mast is fitted in a tabernacle and provided with a metal track for the mainsail. 

A Stuart twin-cylinder 8 hp. marine engine is provided for auxiliary power. It has been installed in the cockpit, where the throttle control and gear lever are within handy reach of the helmsman. Under power, a speed of about 6i mph. is attained. 

In the gunter mainsail 260 sq. ft. of canvas is carried and roller reefing gear is provided. Area of the No. 1 jib is 50 sq. ft. and No. 2 jib is 36 sq. ft. 

The accommodation, as can be seen from the plans, is quite good for the size of boat. Four persons may sleep on board, if two are berthed in the main cabin. A locker for oilskins is arranged at the head of the port berth in the forecastle, and on the other side there is a wardrobe. 

A small galley arrangement on the port side, aft of the cabin, is large enough to prepare the necessities of life. The toilet compartment opposite, on the starboard side, is not perhaps, in a desirable position, but the designer is up against the old problem of getting all that is required into a limited amount of space. 

The cockpit is small, but in view of the space required for four persons in a craft of only 26 ft. in length, it is about all that can be expected. There are side benches with stowage space in lockers under each. 

A sliding hatch over the entrance to the accommodation facilitates entry, and at the same time allows heat and cooking smells from the galley to escape. There is another hatch over the forecastle, and while serving the purpose for an emergency escape, it enables the craft to be freely ventilated in warm weather. 

The principal dimensions are: Length o.a., 26 ft.; beam, 9 ft.; draught 2 ft. 9 ins. It will be noticed that a winch for the anchor chain has not been incorporated in the equipment, instead there is a samson post through the deck to the deadwood for making fast, and a hawse pipe to the chain locker. 

The lines of the sloop reproduced here indicate seaworthiness and stability. The firm bilge suggests stiffness under sail, and the form of the fore body should ensure a dry boat.



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  • I own Clysma, one of I believe only two boats built by Dauntless to this design. She is currently lying in Maldon under going major refit but we hope to be in the Maldon regatta in September.


    By richard hawkes (12/03/2016)

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