Arthur Reed

On his 90th Birthday

I understand Arthur Reed was quite a character. We have a couple of stories on the site. One such story can be found here.

If you can give us details of his life, where he was born and when or if you have stories you can tell please comment below.

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  • Interested to know where this picture came from as we have not seen this one of Arthur. My friend is Arthurs GG nephew.

    By susan horton (26/02/2017)
  • Arthur and me used to go Rabbit Poaching all over the Island, when I worked for Len Lazell at the farm at the bottom of Northwick road, you would always see Arthur on his bike with a sack on his back, I knew he had been over Lens land getting rabbits.

    By Joe Nash (27/01/2018)
  • My dad Alf Selby who had the family hairdressers on the Island would go shooting on the farm in Northwick road, taking my brother Paul in a pram. I can remember Arthur Reed calling in to our house, in the fifties  he always took his hat and boots off first, he had more holes in his socks. Such a gentleman though. We still talk about the rabbit stews.

    By Lynn selby (14/08/2018)
  • Myself brother Frank, Freddy Jones and Dereck Jones used to visit him in a care home called Oaklands in Chelmsford owned by Essex County Council. That could of been taken there or at a local pub we used to take him to.

    By Tony Frost (29/12/2018)
  • Remember Arthur, i was down the king Canute, got to be late 1978 ish he had just came out the pub someone had give him a job, and came out drunk and throwing his money everywhere, we picked it up and put it in his pocket, someone took him home, he was on one lol, like most people did coming out the King Canute lol

    By david webb (26/03/2021)

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