A Canvey Artist

Peter Paul Hubner

Hubners Grave in St Katherine’s Churchyard

Peter Paul Hubner was born in Bohemia, Austria in 1869. He married Laura Williams in Worcester in 1899, in 1901 he is living with Laura and their new born a son Julius Henry Charles Hubner. His occupation is described as Lithographic designer. By 1911 he had moved south to Tufnell Park Islington, where he was living with his wife and three sons. Julius, Everard and Arthur. His occupation stated as Artist Painter and Designer. They were still living there in the 1921 census.

I have found little about his life and have found only three of his paintings so far. None of which can be said are of Canvey. I have found references to his Canvey paintings so will keep looking.

All I have found for sure is his grave in St Katherine’s with his death stated as 31st August 1928, he was buried on the 4th September and his address recorded in the Registers was ‘The Studis’, Long Road. His wife Laura died in 1953 in Hove and is buried in the same grave.

If anyone can tell us more about him or can show us his paintings of Canvey please email in or put a comment below.


A painting of Canvey done by Hubner has been found thanks to Graham Stevens.

The Road to Furtherwick Farm

Another painting by Hubner in the gallery below is of his young son Arthur. Painted in the ‘Japanese summer house’, Canvey Island, in 1909. Thanks goes to John Walford who has kindly given us permission to publish the picture. This painting and more of John’s pictures can also be seen here.

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  • Hi Jan
    I’ve just discovered my brother-in-law, Peter Stacey has a small oil painting of the Haystack Corner (looking south) by Hubner. Peter has photographed it and I’ll let you have print to scan A.S.A.P

    By Graham Stevens (22/02/2009)
  • That’s great Graham, thanks

    By Janet Penn (22/02/2009)
  • I thought you would be interested in this small painting, which I own, by Peter Paul Hubner, of the artist’s son, Arthur, inscribed along the lower edge, by the artist, as painted “in the Japanese summer house, Canvey Island, 1909.” It is posted to my Flickr webpage, and you are welcome to post it to your Canvey Island Archive/Art

    By E. John Walford (art historian) (22/08/2009)
  • Peter.Paul.Hubner was my Grandfather.
    Everard Maximillian was my father.
    I have many details about my family and its connection to Canvey Island.

    By David Hubner (18/11/2009)
  • Dear David I am Simon Hubner – grandson of Arthur and son of Peter. Would love to have more information about PPH (as we call him), in particular his time in Austria before he moved to the UK. Best wishes Simon

    By Simon Hubner (15/02/2010)
  • Dear Simon great to hear from you I only met your father once when I was very young just before your great great grand mother died I have a lot of details about PPH but not much about his life in Bohemia I have some photographs of your great great great grandparents (my great great grandparents) in their homeland please feel free to contact me Best wishes David PS I will be sending Janet more information ASAP

    By David Hubner (21/04/2010)
  • Dear ALL, WOW! I am one of those what they call “pickers” or what my wife would say, what have you brought home this time kinda guys! You just woudnt believe what i went through to find out who P.P.H was. I recently purchased two lovely paintings at an estate auction in georgia. U.S.A. They are both beach scenes, one with over looking rocks and the water with a sail boat. The other is over looking the beach, and women working and carrying baskets on their heads with several sail boats. They are in the original frames and i just loved the colors and i am so happy to know that some folks are still interested in ancestors and heritage! P.S. Fill free to email me if you have any questions.

    By Jeremy Dyches (24/10/2010)
  • We would love to have copies to add to the site Jeremy

    By Janet Penn (24/10/2010)
  • As soon as I can figure out how to send them I will. As bad as it may sound I will have to ask either my 16 or 14 year old daughters! Don’t laugh Im chicken pecking right now, they type 90 words a minute! Possibly this week sometime. Thanks for responding hope all is well where ever ya’ll are! Jeremy

    By Jeremy Dyches (27/10/2010)
  • When I looked at all these paintings I thought wow they must have been a really good artist and its sad that they had to pass R.I.P!! I think its a nice thing to do by putting all this on here its kinda like for remembrance day so you can look back on all these years and think wow its changed a lot but the people you love even if they have passed you will always remember them they will always be in your heart no matter what no matter if it has been 15 years 20 years

    By zoe (09/11/2010)
  • I own a large painting entitled ‘a study in rose and black’ by Peter Hubner. Would any relation be interested in purchasing this. Regards, Sue.

    By Susan Mellalieu (07/06/2011)
  • We have a larger print by P P Hubner, not named but says that it is from a painting by P P Hubner. It is signed and dated 1926. The subject is of red tulips wth some other yellow and white flowers. We have had it a long time but only took more notice of it when we had it reframed. Is it a known picture?

    By John Tucknott (11/07/2011)
  • I still have the large original oil painting ‘a study in rose and black’ signed by Peter P Hubner in a guilt frame. I don’t know who the lady is who sat for this picture, it is a very large portrait. I am very anxious to sell is anybody intersted?

    By Susan Mellalieu (11/07/2011)
  • DearJohn The print you own sounds to me like one of a water colour PPH painted a print of the flowers was given to my Mother on her wedding by my Grandfather, and then later she recieved the original It’s relatively unusual as he mostly painted in oils, but quite lovely. Regards Karen

    By Karen Miller (10/09/2011)
  • Hello, My father-in-law is a distant relative of P.P Hubner, which we found out after we discovered one of his paintings whilst clearing out his attic. It’s of Hamstead Heath, dated the 8th of September 1916. We are actually looking to sell it if anyone wanted to add to there collection? Ryan

    By Ryan Laslett (15/01/2012)
  • Hello, I have owned a small Canvey Island oil painting for some 40 years. I bought it from a gallery in Dover St. London, and I recall that there were several Hubners on sale. I have some information about his life which I can pull out from my archive. My painting is signed on the back and dated 1909. From the information I have it seems that PPH was a graphic artist of some stature. He is credited with, among many well known designs, with designing the RR for the Rolls Royce motor company. I have put this to the Rolls Royce Owners Club, through closely associated intermediaries; sceptism exists as the there has been no other claim made. So maybe PPH is the man. I am happy to copy and sent what information I have to date. I am very fond of my painting; I might be interested in acquiring others.

    By Bryan Ferriss (02/03/2012)
  • We would love to know more for the archive. Any info can be sent to Jan@canveyisland.org

    By Janet Penn (03/03/2012)
  • My partner and I acquired a rather splendid watercolour signed by P.P Hubner dated September 1920 named Northwick – Canvey island. Will try to post in the next few days.

    By Laurie (22/04/2012)
  • The property “The Studio” was located on the corner of Sydervelt Road and Brewster Close, although Brewster Close was then called Walen Avenue. He owned the property in 1911, maybe 1910 which was previously owned by Cllr HOAR.

    By Martin Lepley (25/02/2017)
  • Hello

    The Studio in Sydervelt road was a very nice two storey house with a first floor gallery on the inside hence the name.

    The ground was used as a market garden where I often went with my mother to buy fruit and veg also a nice line in flowers.

    It was run by a Mr Jelliman and was still in business in the late fifties to sixties.



    By sparrow (27/02/2017)

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