Northwick Park Junior School

Mrs Dingle's class of 1983-85

Mrs Dingle’s class of 1983/4

Back Row L-R. Lesley Penn, Sarah Harrison, Samantha Warren, Leanne White, Kelly Skates, Laura Burns, Not Known, the rest not known.

Middle Row L-R. Matthew Fautley, Not Known, Denton Crane, Dale Martin, Danielle Binks, Zoe Malin, Donna Watling, Suzanne Hayes, Not Known, Kay Beeston, Kelly Elliott.

Bottom Row L-R. Richard John, Sean Talbot, Thomas Kerr, Matthew Careless, Not Known, Simon Maltby, Not Known, Lee Williams, Not Known.

class of 1983/4

Mrs Dingle’s Class of 1984/5

More or less the same children as above plus Mrs Dingle

Class of 1984/5

Can anyone add anymore names and where are they now?

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  • Boy furthest right is Scott Grigsby, next to him is Matthew Franklin.

    Boy third from right, front row is Darren Joy.

    The girl on the back row with lots of curly hair is Elizabeth Brown.

    By Marie (27/04/2009)
  • i used to go to this school it seems only 1 year ago oh wait it was a year

    By Brandon Dorrington (07/05/2009)
  • Hi I left in November 1983 and went around with Lesley Penn, I moved to South Benfleet. I am obviously not in any of these pics as had left but would love to see any pics of previous years as I would be in them…..

    By Tracy Priest (11/06/2009)
  • I can fill in some blanks but not all. Anyone one remember?
    Boy in middle of front row was called Gareth (surname was one syllable Im sure) He didn’t seem to be about very long.
    Boy between Matt Fautley and Denton Crane with dodgy footballers perm is Nicky Moreton. Coolest hair at the time!
    Girl between Suzanne (Hi Suz!) and Kay is Helen (for the life of me I cannot remember her surname, but it will come to me later.
    The boys either side of Lee Williams in the front row are Darren Joy (with glasses) and Paul Kennard on the end, who at the time was intriguing as was not an Islander- he lived in Benfleet!
    Third lad from right at back is Andrew Henry.
    Fifth from right in back row is Daniel Field.
    I’m sure the tall girl with the big curly hair in the middle of the back row was called Lisa, not Elizabeth. She didn’t seem to be with us long either.
    Im sure the boy in the back row who head is obscured by Kay Beeston must be Matthew Norris as I can’t see him anywhere! Respect to Noggs as he admitted that it was him once when I accidentally flicked a green crayon at Mrs Diamond. We were kept back after school! I didn’t admit it because it genuinely was an accident!!
    Who is the mystery girl in the back row between Laura Burns and curly Lisa/Elizabeth?

    By Dale Martin (11/06/2009)
  • Helen’s surname was Mansfield. I think Gareth’s surname was Hunter. And the mystery girl in the back row between Laura and Lisa (Jenkins or something like that) is Jacqueline Blair. That’s everyone covered I think.

    By Dale Martin (11/06/2009)
  • Thanks Dale for the other names. I’d been giving myself a headache trying to remember them. Good to hear from you.

    By Lesley Penn (12/06/2009)
  • Hi Lesley do you remember me? I left in 1983 and used to hang about with you, Donna and Kelly? Have you any class photos pre 1983?

    By Tracy Priest (16/06/2009)
  • Hi Tracey. Yes of course I remember you. Its been a long time. I’m afraid I don’t have any earlier photos. Maybe someone else from our year does and will upload them for us – here’s hoping.

    By Lesley Penn (17/06/2009)
  • Hello, I think you’ll find Gareth’s surname was Wagner, I seem to recall he had a twin brother that was called Darren. Might be wrong, long time ago now. Good to see some old names, hope you are all well.

    By Scott Grigsby (18/06/2009)
  • It was Wagner! And he did have a twin brother! Did they move or something? They just seemed to vanish.

    By Dale Martin (22/07/2009)
  • OMG, i’ve just discovered this page for the first time and has blown my mind how many names i recognize. Clearly v late to the party in commenting, but v nostalgic seeing the names and pics!! Laura Byrne (not Burns) 🙂

    By laura byrne (06/11/2012)
  • Can any of you guys remember doing a time capsule at one stage? I seem to think we all did but then I could be imagining it? Great photo of you all though. ??

    By Tina Youlton (17/06/2019)

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