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Hello Marien,

Thank You very much for your interesting account of Canvey life. If you knew my Uncle Frank and Aunty Shiela you must have Known my mum June and her two other brothers Albert and Colvin and of course Nana Saul from 21 The Avenue.

From the sea cadets you may have known my Father John Manly as he was one of the First  junior members of the IYC when Reg and Mari Winters started this group in the late 1940’s .

My Dad wrote of a capsizing of his national 12, losing his trousers just as Reg Tremain sailed past with a boat load of laughing Sea Rangers .

Happy days I think.

By Jane Parkin
On 05/02/2019

Wow , love reading this as Aunty mick is my great grandmother . I live is Australia so I’ve never seen Canvey in real life but love hearing the stories . If any one  has any photos of the Boyce family and great grandmother before she got married . My grandad William just turned 90

By Rachel Stevenson
On 05/03/2019

Hi Marian, I was browsing on this site and came across your story.  Very interesting! When I came to the end I saw the photos I was very surprised to see my older brother, now sadly deceased.  Kenneth (Nagger) Frost along with Ray (Porky) Walsh.  I remember by brother (always known as Jimmy by the family) knocking about with Ray and Jimmy (Skinny) Robinson.  I hope you are not offended by how he was known to us. Our family being poor never had camera's in them days and the first photos I can remember of him was when he was in the Army. 

I have notified his son so he can screenshot it and have it printed off which I hope you don't mind. I could not do it I am not into technology.  Thank you again Tony.

On 16/03/2019

Yes,thanks Marian for this story with so many memories of people and places from Canvey in the 50s. Hi Tony, interesting to find out Nagger's real name was Kenneth, we only knew him by his nickname. I too remember him in his Army uniform by which time, I guess the Army had put a dramatic end to that amazing hair-style. Question? What was the origin of his nickname ?

By Graham Stevens
On 22/03/2019