The Beginning of The End

Furtherwick Park School

July 2010 saw the beginning of the end of Furtherwick Park School as we witnessed the contractors moving in to start clearing the site for demolition and rebuilding.

Furtherwick Park School has been on the site for over 50 years. It is now being demolished to make way for a new building where Castle View School will be moving to from their current site.

We are looking for your memories about the school.
Good, bad and funny ones we take any and photos please.
Dig out those old school photos.
We could all do with a laugh.

There must be so many of you out there whose memories have been stirred by the recent developments. Help us to keep the school alive for future generations.
What is happening now is History tomorrow.

The contractors have moved in

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  • You know you are getting on a bit when the brand new ship you joined in ’65 was scrapped a few years ago…and the school you went to when it first opened has now been closed. Wasn’t called Futherwick Park when I went there. I remember old Fred Watkins walking the school corridors with his steel tipped shoes…and you were standing outside the classroom door as punishment, and he came closer. Gulp!

    By Tony Wood (25/07/2010)
  • lol Tony. Very similar to me. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the new school I went to was closing. As you say, I think it was called Canvey Secondary Modern School then. I also joined the Merchant Navy in 1964, and lot of ships that I was on have either sunk or been scrapped since (Not my fault though) lol.

    Also remember Fred Watkins & and old Jack Eales (slasher)

    By George Smith (29/07/2010)
  • I joined a ship built in 1965, for it’s 2nd voyage. The ship was called m.v. Laurentic. Owned by Shaw Savill line. 3 month trip to New Zealand. Happy days.

    By George Smith (30/07/2010)
  • Like the other comments, I also left Long Rd. Sec. Mod. to go to the new school at Furtherwick to spend my last school year there. It was supposed to be state of the art. I remember I got made a vice prefect. I searched but found no vice to speak of, not like these day’s, or so i’m told. I have just moved back to the Island in time to see it get knocked down. Peter Watkins.

    By Peter Watkins (01/08/2010)
  • I attended this school from 1962-1967 Fred Watkins was the headmaster and Miss Langstone was the deputy head. I was so shocked to see it is being demolished, best years of my early school days were spent there. so sad. We called the school Cornelious Vermuden, I live in Suffolk now, have also lived in the Republic of Ireland and Andalucia Spain. Still working as a Secretary which this school taught me. Kind regards to all who my remember me. Rita. Quinn

    By Rita Quinn (Avery) (05/08/2010)
  • This was never Cornielus Vemuydon School Rita. That School is in another part of the Island and not being pulled down but it is being renovated and lots of new parts added as you will see on another page.

    By Janet Penn (05/08/2010)
  • Your quite right, Cornelius Vermuyden was off Link Road thats were my Daughter and Son attended, I left Canvey Island in 1986 memory not what it used to be.

    By Rita Quinn (05/08/2010)
  • I started Furtherwick in 1977, very nervous going to the “big school” from Leigh Beck, many, many lovely memories from Furtherwick. Mr Watkins was headmaster, and Mr Francis was deputy head and if any girls got in trouble they had to see Mrs Davis (who taught cookery). We had wonderful times with the annual pantomime. I was in the choir and the orchestra. Miss Jenkins was my 1st year teacher and then I had Mr Jones (drama), I remember having Mr Harris for history, Mr Woods for R.E, Miss Ingram for cookery, Mrs Thomas for textiles, Mrs Parry for pottery, Mr Littlejohn for maths, Mis Tullett for french and german, Mr Goodfellow for music and there I fear the onset on dementia I can’t remember any others at the moment, seems so so long ago since I was there. I do remember pupils going on strike when the dinner ladies went on strike. Also remember fire drills, worse one if you were unfortunate to be having swimming. Happy happy memories. (How I wish I could still be at school now)

    By Janet Blundell (20/08/2010)
  • I went to Furtherwick from 65 to 69 it was the best time of my life till I moved to london

    By Carolyn Snazel (03/10/2010)
  • I attended this school between 1958 and 1963. I also remember Fred Watkins and a variety of teachers who helped shape our lives and standard. There was a technical drawing teach who always wore a smart suit and bowtie and drove a big black Austin Princess. I believe he was previously a professional wrestler. Mr Goodfellow for music. I attended a class reunion some time ago now and it was amazing to see old school friends so much older but still very much the character I remembered. Dean Musefelt, Mary Thoupos, Graham Edgington. the astonishing thing was that a large buffet had been laid out but was hardly touched as everyone was so busy talking. can anyone else remember this evening and add some names ??

    By Graham Eames (16/02/2011)
  • I was in the same year possibly the same class as Graham Eames and the technical drawing teacher Graham describes with his bowtie and Austin Princess [don’t recall the professional wrestler bit] was Eric Daniels what a character!! It appears from my school report that he was our form master in 63 and his final note on my report is as follows: “Does he want to do nothing other than play in a jazz band?” I suppose the honest answer to that was “yes” and 48 years later is still the same!

    By Chris Stevens (24/07/2011)
  • I was at Furtherwick Park School from 1968-1972, I too remember Mr Watkins strutting about with his arms behind his back, Miss Langston, hard on the outside but soft hearted really. Does anyone remember Miss Bindoff (needlework), Mr Parry, Mr Rickers & Mr Licence (Art) there was also Mr & Mrs Jerey (think that’s how it’s spelt) Mr Palmer (geography) and Mr Leach (R.E). Those were great times, grey matter is getting old can remember some teachers but there are many more.

    By Joy Fleming (nee Unthank) (11/10/2011)
  • I lived on Folksville RD next to Furtherwick Park. I remember an old sign that was there facing the shops on Furtherwick Rd which advertised future home of Cottage Hospital, later it was furtherwick park school.

    By David Larkin (21/10/2011)
  • David – I have a photo of that sign – I think it’s on my old Canvey website

    By David Bullock (21/10/2011)
  • Hi my name is June Apthorp (now calkin) I went to Canvey Secondary Modern and I was their from 1962 – 1967, Happy days with lots of good friends Miss Langston Fred watkins very smart man, Miss Hegan, Mr Rickers,Mr Goodfellow, and my good friends Pamela Peen Susan Graham, and many more.

    By june apthorp (19/08/2012)
  • I remember Miss Bindoff from long road school, don’t remember her at Furtherwick but she was great,still have the hideous doll I made in her class. She taught me to knit too. I remember Mr Davis walking through the concrete corridor shouting “poetry and theology” who knows why? great guy,looked like patrick moore. Never had a clue about computer science with binary and dinary?never had to use it luckily, or matrices! Great times though, Miss Melville Mr Weeks, Alan the art teacher,being sent to the headmasters for wearing nail varnish, gee how times have changed

    By chris richardson 71-76 (30/12/2012)
  • I remember Mr leach.he was our form teacher.a smart man.I was in LA3, MA2 and 3A3, 4A2. Mr rockers was a crazy art teacher who drove a TVR Tasman. Nutty Davies (English) used to refuse to pull down the blinds when it was 300 degrees in the classroom. Instead when boys asked if they could take their jackets off or loosen their ties he would have a fit, walk to the window and with arms outstretched used to cry as if in obeisance ‘ SUN I WELCOME THEE’ !!! When he wanted a kip he used to draw a face with chalk on the bottom of his shoe put his feet up on his desk and warned us not to misbehave ‘cos we were being watched’! Learnt how to misbehave, not all bad then…

    By peter bligh (28/05/2014)
  • As manager of Ives shoe shop I saw the school being built, as far as I remember it was generally known as Furtherwick rd school. I attended evening classes on woodwork.  My project was to make a three stand clothes horse. I was shown where the timber was and told to sort some out. This I did but took a long time finding battons of the right sizes.  In came the instructor asking what’s wrong? Just looking for a couple more  pieces. Oh no I’ll get it, with that out came him with a plank, telling me you cut it down. square them up and only then start construction.  It was a fantastic construction lasted well through 4 children until they left home.  The hinges were made from quality leather from our repair shop in the warehouse.  Ron Reynolds 

    on Canvey 1955 until 1967.

    By Ron Reynolds (16/04/2015)

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