The Shadows filming at the Point


In 1967 The Shadows were filming at the Point publicity for their new single Maroc 7 and Bombay Duck.

Actress Lynn Waller was there dressed up as Bombay Duck to be ‘shot at’ by the boys with shotguns. One of the cameramen had spent time holidaying on Canvey and remembered the marshes suggested the idea of filming here. The band loved the idea.

Photos from Echo Archives.

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  • Thanks for this Jan. Don’t know how I missed it at the time.🤔. I wonder if Rod Bishop knows anything about it ? They must have notified the Wildfowlers Club. Graham.

    By Graham Stevens (09/11/2023)
  • I bought the DVD hoping this promo film would be in the extras but sadly not …. wonder if it exists.

    By David Bullock (10/11/2023)
  • I remember this, used to climb on top of the concrete barge, aged 13, my initials are there at the front.

    By Keith Farrow (10/11/2023)
  • I was six at the time and remember My older brother and sister 12 and 11 respectively,excited running along point road from Zelham Drive where we lived saying the shadows were at the Barge there were quite a few older teenagers, unfortunately at the age of six I was too young and they wouldn’t have wanted me tagging along anyways.
    I remembered their excitement well.

    By Terri Harrison. (13/11/2023)

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